Why get upset with someone telling you NO



Staff Writer

There’s times when accepting No could be a bit hard because it maybe something you need or want then there times where saying NO could be the right thing to do. We all have been told No plenty of times and the rejection could pretty much lead to being unpleasing because it’s more difficult to deal with being told No than other times. It’s important to learn to accept the decision of others and what’s the best way to handle being told No? There is really no answer to that but learning to accept someone telling you NO or simply being rejected. There will be times you’ll be turned down from a job opportunity then, sad to say, there are times when crossing paths with someone rather new and attractive that you can possibly be turned down from too. Even when you fear asking for anything or being rejected, most likely, a conscious mind will probably say NO. Theres times you really dont see a No coming and you are asking yourself why and how comes. Like for an example, picture yourself walking in out of department stores, factories, restaurants and landscape buildings and you need a job. You are filling out applications and dropping off resumes and in your mind you’re just hoping you will get a job but no one has yet called. It could really be a bad feeling. People become upset sometimes when constantly hearing NO. They may even become desperate. I think the most difficult time to accept No is from someone who you are in a relationship with like your best friend or a lover, even your mother and father. I know being told No for any reason and at any time constantly by someone who’s potential was to do anything for you makes you feel the need to cry, scream and get mad that they would eventually give into the things you want. Mostly, people may feel the need they should be told yes all the time because getting what they want when they want is what they pray for. If that’s not possible, they fear you just don’t love them enough and they’ll seek somewhere else maybe for someone else too and that could possibly hurt the relationship. Likely, to be able to handle being told No could mean a lot to someone else. Then again, some people will possibly reject you from the things you want because if you can’t do for them, they’ll feel they shouldn’t do for you. By being told No in such a negative way could be so hard to deal with emotionally but you have to be able to accept it and move on. Maybe sometimes saying No could be best. Some people are unpleased with being “yes men”. With the amount of love and things you would do for someone else, you don’t want to fall victim to the value of your needs in a long run because you allowed someone to completely take advantage of you. No one to my knowledge could always be as willing to and every single time say yes to the things you want. That’s something everyone deals with. So, No shouldn’t be such a bad concept to accept though its just so hard to deal with. Learning to at least say No to some things has a great benefit and that could be the best decision you ever make. Regardless, you are making a decision and that’s admitting to the things you would and would not condone in. For someone to say No to you there could have been many reasons why.


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