Transfer Students: Preparing for the new life ahead


Staff Writer

             Around this time of year, many students are graduating from community colleges. Students who have reached this point know this is the time when last minute documents must to be filled out, forms must be turned in, and future plans must be made. After all of the paperwork is completed, students are left with the most difficult task of them all, planning for their future.

             For some students becoming a part of the workforce is the answer, but for others the next step is going onto a university to continue their education. According to the National Student Clearinghouse Research Center, “Only one in five community college students transfer to a four-year institution. But, 60 percent of those who do so earn a bachelor’s degree within four years”.

             Going to a university means a student must look at education in a new light. The student must be aware of how different events and relationships will change and challenge them each day in their “new world”. One of the first challenges students face, depending on their situation, is deciding whether or not to move away from home, live in or around campus, or commute from home to school and back each day. For students that live close to home this is an option, but for others that are accepted into universities that are too far away, it is obviously not.

             Whether or not the option is available, the students who choose to go away must make decisions that will greatly impact the lifestyle they have become accustomed to at home. For example, some issues could be deciding whether or not there is enough money available to support living elsewhere, to stay in a relationship with a significant other, considering if a long distance relationship would work, what the best living situation would be, where the best place is to live, what is needed when living away from home, and finally if they are mentally ready to make this change.

             Students need to be in the right frame of mind when considering living away from home. Being able to mentally take on the stress, that is moving away, is a lot to handle. If the student can handle this, it will be an adventure from that point on. Students must make lists so they can prepare for their new life ahead. They must plan and decide whether they want to live in a dorm or apartment, which is on or off campus. It becomes exciting when you choose your location, meet your roommates, and start decorating your new home!

               The excitement that is transferring to a university is all too real for many students at CCC and other community colleges around the country. It can be a great experience no matter where you go, but how to deal with the challenges and plan things out will gauge whether or now you will succeed!


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