Tone it up: Summertime fitness BY: Brittany Kilpatrick Staff Writer

Summertime is drawing near and for some, that means that getting in shape is imperative. If buying a gym membership is out of reach, there are still options available to you. One of the many options is the Tone It Up plan. Tone It Up is an online-based fitness and nutrition brand geared towards women run by best friends, Karena Dawn and Katrina Hodgson. The Tone It Up website provides members with an online community in which members, both basic and paying costumers, can communicate with one another and receive support. The Tone It Up website contains workouts, recipes, tips, and an online store. A nutrition plan is offered as well, at, and the price is a one time payment. With all of that said, how do the members feel about what Tone It Up has to offer? To begin, Lyia Stuart, a member of the Tone It Up online community, is currently using the program’s free services. Stuart says that she is, “following the workouts and recipes” found on In the future, she plans to eventually purchase the nutrition plan. When describing the online community, Stuart explained that, “Everyone is in the same boat, so I don’t feel ashamed to talk about my weight loss as I would be in other social media networks. Everyone is positive and motivating. Continuing on, Stuart recounted her experience as a member “The weekly fitness schedule is easy to follow but I haven’t been getting the results I want because I haven’t been following the nutrition plan.” As far as improvements that can be made, Stuart feels that because of the fact that you are in a situation where “you kind of have to figure things out for yourself,” that being provided with a “step-by-step instruction and/or introduction to the program would be helpful.” Another member, Kayla Luttrell, has purchased Tone It Up’s DVDs. Luttrell describes the online community as “very helpful and interactive.” She also added “It’s nice to feel that you’re not the only one working hard to look good and feel good.” Luttrell waited a while before joining Tone It Up, and now wonders why she “waited so long.” She believes and likes that Karena and Katrina come off as likeable and relatable. Luttrell feels that Tone It Up’s nutrition plan may be “a bit pricey at first,” and thinks that the site should offer “packages to choose from, in order to improve the price challenge for its customers.” Ultimately, Stuart’s goal is to “lose weight in the healthiest way possible eating real food, and doing easy, but effective workouts.” She also added, “when I’ve reached my goals and decide to no longer follow the program,” that she still wants to be able to “make healthy choices.” In the future, Luttrell hopes to gain “confidence.” In addition, she wants to get “back to” the “physical look” that she “once had.” She also hopes to find friends in her pursuit to live a healthier lifestyle, while using Tone It Up and other fitness resources. Although, Tone It Up may need to make improvements in the future, many still participate in the community it offers. While looking at Tone It Up’s website, located at, there are various sections such as “fitness,” “recipes,” “lifestyle,” and “nutrition plan.” After clicking on the fitness section you will find that workouts have been categorized. If you click on any of the topics you will find YouTube videos and print outs that feature workout routines. After browsing all of the sections, you will find many resources available for your use. Most of the site’s services are free of charge. Image


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