On the Grow: Agri/Horti Dept. goes where the plants are


Staff Writer

          The Agriculture/Horticulture Department at Cumberland County College continues its strong growth.To celebrate spring, a plant sale took place coinciding with C.C.C. Community Day on April 26.

           “With warming weather, the students are planting and tending many beautiful plants in the greenhouse,” says Price.

            Between studies and hands-on greenhouse activities, the students are active with several trips. In January, several students travelled to Belize to both teach and to learn. In March, The Philadelphia Flower Show was the laboratory for ample studies of competitions, marketing, display, and landscape creativity.

             A planned trip to the National Arboretum in Washington DC (at print time, seats were still available) will include viewing the United States National Arboretum and Botanical Garden and the National Cherry Festival. This trip was scheduled for April 4. Additionally in April, the coursework includes traveling to Longwood Gardens for a day of observation of planting styles and materials, with an emphasis on Bulbs, spring-blooming shrubs, and conservatory display.

             Finally, in May, a study day in New York City will include The Brooklyn Botanical Garden, the High-Line (a recycled elevated train rail that runs through the city, now planted with gardens, as if it were a flowering ribbon above the pedestrian city), and a stop at the 911 Memorial.

            New summer classes for the Agriculture/Horticulture department are on the schedule including Fruit Production, Identification of Interior Plants and Plant Science.


“The Agriculture/Horticulture students participated in several additional field trips this spring. The National Arboretum and the U.S. Botanical Garden in Washington D.C.; Longwood Gardens, in Delaware, and the New York Botanical Garden and 9/11 Memorial in NYC.”

-Sarah Johnson, CCC student




Aerialists performing above the flower displays at the 2014 Philadelphia Flower Show.


Photos Courtesy of Sarah Johnson


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