Did Spring take too long to come?



Staff Writer

This past winter we experienced temperatures below average and countless snow days. In South Jersey, with the great amount of snow we received up until March, it average up to 41.8 inches, reports Shore News Today. Being aware of the weather helps prepared for a new day. You just need the right amount of energy and tools to go about your day and knowing the weather is vital to your day’s outcome. With all the snow days we had so far this winter, I had to prepare myself to wake up extra early so I can make it to where I’m going in time. There was so much snow that it was a lot I needed to clean off my car some days and just being safe getting where I was going because of the bad roads, so I imagine everyone else. At time, the weather regardless if its winter, spring, summer or fall, could be much to deal with that it affects our lives day to day. It will impact our daily routines, our pockets and our health. This winter hasn’t been the worst, back in 2009-10 we have received 58.1 reports, Shore News Today but for the past years where we may seen more warmer days in the winter, makes us wonder, why did we have such a cold and snowy winter, better yet, where are the warm spring days? Then, we are waiting for the spring and to summer to roll in because we have had enough of this cold, gloomy winter. Due to the crappy weather, so many school days were lost and with grade schools needing to meet a 180-day requirement, New Jersey School Board Associate made their best decision by taking away days from student’s vacations and adding days to the end of their school year. Parents were losing days of work to stay home with their children so the weather can affect our daily routines in such way. To some, it may cost a small fortune to spend money on winter. When winter season hits hard, we are running out buying new jackets, hats, scarves, gloves, boots and warm clothing to keep covered up and warm. People have also had to deal with high heat bills because of the cold and with some homes not running off of heat but by oil they are purchasing oil many times a month to keep their homes warm. Its just a bad idea for homes to need oil because when it feels too cold outside and your home is much colder because you are running low on oil, your home is not a cozy place to be. Then, it’s a must to have winter supplies like shovels, ice salt and electrical heaters because you are constantly cleaning up after such a bad snowy night and the cost begins to add up because of the wintery conditions. During the winter, most people get sick. You are more likely to get a bad cold or to catch the flu during the winter months. When you are in school and needing to work, spending times outdoors and having contact with other people, when you get sick, it’s much more difficult to accomplish tasks and viruses and illnesses are passed on. It’s very common to have medicines and healthy products and eat organic foods to keep our bodies’ immune system less susceptible to illnesses. Now spring has sprung and summers is on its way. It is a great time to spend time with family and friends visiting the beaches and barbeque. Chanell Veney, who lives in the south jersey area says, “I am not a person who likes the cold and the snow so I stay inside as much as possible, however, I love that I could make snowmen and was just glad to have a chance to this winter. But this summer I would like to enjoy the beaches and everything warm weather has to offer.” Another way to spend the warm weathers is cool and relaxed. Enjoy your summer! 


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