Students inspire CCC’s first Poetry Slam


Staff Writer


Throughout the semester there are numerous activities, in which a student can participate. Those who are interested in poetry and performing may find events such as L’Esprit, the college’s literary and illustrative magazine, and the Poetry Slam to be enjoyable. Anyone at the college can get involved. Both events will be held at Cumberland County College, in the Fine and Performing Arts Center on May 7. L’Esprit’s artwork will be displayed, and the poets and writers will be reading their work around 2 pm in the gallery. The Poetry Slam will occur after L’Esprit in the theatre at 7pm. What is the purpose of L’Esprit? According to Professor Renee Post, “The purpose of L’Esprit is to showcase the students’ writing talent and also the art students are able to submit their work…whether it is fine art or photography.” She then went on to list the types of submissions that are accepted, which include, short stories, poetry, photography, and art work. Furthermore, expanding on the night’s festivities, there will be a Poetry Slam. L’Esprit features poets reading their poetry; a poetry slam is the performance of poetry. According to Post, the idea for the poetry slam came from students. Post would later establish that a student can perform his own poetry and if he cites his sources correctly, can also perform the work of someone else. Post hopes that this event will become “annual.” Two students in particular are already onboard to participate in the first Poetry Slam held at the college. Daniel Carter, a Graphic Arts major, has been writing poetry for years, but has yet to perform in an actual poetry slam. He shared “probably the most important part of the poetry slam is really the diversity.” He believes that even if the people involved at the slam have faced similar problems, there is always a unique viewpoint to be heard. Kara Donnelly, who studies Humanities, has previously been involved in poetry slams in high school. She stated “I enjoy putting myself into someone else’s shoes. I like getting out of my own head into my poem and performing it so other people can understand it. I love learning the different literature and background of a poem, because I believe there are so many poets out there that aren’t recognized.” In order to submit poetry, and short stories you must email your entries to However, to submit computer generated artwork the submissions must be sent to Any art in the form of paintings and sketches must be submitted in a jpeg or PDF format. All entries must be received by March 21, 2014. If you are interested in the Poetry Slam then you can get involved by attending the upcoming meetings held in F6 on Wednesdays at 2pm. The tentative dates are as follows: February 26, March 26, and April 30.


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