Exciting, eclectic activities for CCC students


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Cumberland County College of Vineland, New Jersey offers a lot of clubs and organizations for every individual who is enrolled in Cumberland County College. There are events happening mostly every month or even more than that. From Fall film festival, to bake sales to Poetry Sales to Art Trading. Student activates oversees all of the clubs and organizations at CCC. It is a great way to get involved more with students on campus. Have many opportunities to make new friendships, learn more about yourself and to most importantly, HAVE FUN! Their mission statement is extremely powerful “The mission of Student Activities is to create an environment in which all students and student clubs and organizations are encouraged and aided in the development of positive social, cultural, intellectual, recreational and leadership programs and activities. Student Activities promotes learning, personal growth, self-governance, social responsibility and understanding.”

Here are some of the many clubs at CCC you can become involved in:

Art and Design Club

Business/Finance Club

Business/HR Club

CCC Media Communication Club

Club Mud (Ceramic)

Criminal Justice Society

Drama Club

Entrepreneur Club

Faith Fellowship Club

Fencing Club

GLOW (Gay Lesbian Or Whatever)Club

H.O.S.A. (Heath Occupation Students of America)

Latin American Club (LAC)

Multicultural Club

Music Club

Paintball Club

Radiography Club

Rotaract Club

Student Nursing Organization (SNO)

If you do not see a club that interests you at this time, feel free to contact the Student Activities office to find out how to start a new one. They are located in the Student & Enrollment Services Center. Phone 856-691-8600 ext. 454 for more information.




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