Dear Daphne…

Staff Writers

Dear Daphne, I recently got engaged to my boyfriend of five years. I am so thrilled, but I would be even more excited if my family knew. They do not really approve of my fiancé and haven’t since we started dating. It feels like I have been in a constant battle with them. I don’t want to tell them because I know how they will react, but I do want my family to be a part of this experience with me. What should I do? Signed, In love & confused

Dear In love & confused, Your family is your support system. In whatever they decide to do they will be there to support you. It is important to keep your family involved in your life. In the future they may be all you have. Imagine if your family found out from a source that is not you that you are engaged? It would not only crush them, but it could also put a greater tear on your relationship. Regardless of your family’s reaction, you should tell them of your engagement to your fiancé. Become more involved in family activities with your fiancé so your family can see the side of him that you fell in love with. At the end of the day family is so important and it is important to make efforts to keep them involved in your life. Good luck and congratulations on your engagement!

Dear Daphne, I have been best friends with the same girl for over 10 years. Growing up, we did everything together – school, ballet, music lessons – we were practically inseparable. However, lately she has been ditching me to hang out with her new boyfriend. I understand that they need time together, but it seems like she has no time for our friendship. I’m truly happy for her and her boyfriend, but I just miss the time we spent together. I would hate for us to drift apart because one of us is in a relationship. Problem is, I have no idea how to bring this up to her. She’s always so happy to spend time with him, and I’m worried as to how she will react to what I have to say. How should I handle this? Signed, Ditched & Distressed

Dear Ditched & Distressed, Friendships will go through all sorts of trials, especially when one friend enters a relationship. However, the longer you wait to talk, the more difficult it will be. Simply be honest with her. Tell her how you feel about getting ditched all the time. Just like relationships – friendships are a two-way street. Both parties have to make an effort to take time for one another. Express your happiness for her and her new boyfriend, but also explain that you don’t want your friendship to lack because of it. Have a heart to heart talk and it should open her eyes to the situation. And don’t be afraid of how she reacts – you’re coming to her with a concern – and a true friend will understand!


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