Campus Construction

BY: Nichole Hurban

Staff Writer

Cumberland County College rennovates buildings on campus.

In the fall semester of 2013, we gave our readers an inside look into the construction that was currently happening on Cumberland County College’s campus. This edition, we wanted to share all of the innovations and advancements that have taken place since that time. The stat-funded, Facility Master Plan construction project has improved the way the campus functions as a whole. The project includes improvements to several existing structures such as the Administrative, Academic, and Distance Learning building. Distance Learning now holds the new NOC [Network Operations Center]. Also, minor changes to the parking lots and a new drop off area have been completed. The improvements to Academic Building include a new elevator, a new lobby, new doorways, new windows, two new collabratoriums or study areas, three new classrooms, a new break room and office for adjunct teachers, and the removal of the outdoor handicapped ramp. The renovations are currently 95% complete, and are expected to be finished in the near future. The Administration building is still under construction, but much progress has been made since the fall. The addition, which was just a frame, now has completed offices which some of the school officials have occupied. By its completion, the previously existing structure will be converted into more offices, conference rooms, and classrooms. “This building will no longer be the face of the college,” said Brian Ewan, CCC’s Director of Facilities. The Student Life building will now be taking its place. The Administration building will be finished by May 2014. As far as technology is concerned, the NOC has been partially completed and is currently in use behind the Distance Learning building or library. This place is not for students to physically use, but this area plays a very large part in making the technology the students use work smoothly and seamlessly. Originally, the individuals working in this department, essentially, had no place to work. Now that they have their own spacious location where work can happen efficiently and where technological problems can be easily resolved. Throughout the constant construction, Ewan, and interim VP of Finance and Administration, Dr. Kim Ayres, have been keeping the students, faculty and even the environment in mind. Ayres relayed to us, “ Everything that is undertaken at the college is done with students in mind. We want this campus to be second to none across the state and that determination is seen in the pride we take in the way the campus looks and operates”. As far as aiding the environment is concerned, Ewan told us, “We made a conscious effort. We had to cut some trees down for the new addition and for the changing of some parking areas, but we made sure we planted trees in other places”. In the end, after all of the construction is completed, the hard work that has been done will aid in promoting the students and the environment alike. Photo Courtesy of: Rachel Meyers


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