Campus Compatability


Staff Writer

Aries Mar. 21- Apr. 19 and Gemini May 21- June 20 – The two enjoy each others company and can talk for hours without getting bored. Romantically, both of these signs are attracted to one another admiring each other’s minds and ideas and the way each of them expresses themselves. They’re both energetic and are always waiting to try new things and experiences. Both can adapt to any changing situation and they don’t mind dealing with conflicts and talking them out. Cancer June 21- July 22 and Scorpio Oct. 23- Nov. 21 – Both are caring, emotional, and sensitive. Since Scorpios demand more attention than they would give, Cancer’s sensitivity may not be enough and Scorpio may get possessive. As long as Scorpio is able to control their selves from being the dominant partner, things may go well. These two signs can count on each other due to Scorpios protectiveness and Cancers ability to stay calm when times get tough. This relationship has the potential to lead to a strong bond. Taurus Apr. 20- May 20 and Leo July 23- Aug. 22 – Taurus knows that in a relationship with Leo, Leo will protect them at any cost. Leo will support Taurus and make them more confident. Both are adventurous, sensuous, and crave one another, but it’s difficult for a relationship to last without enough effort. Financially, both are fixed signs, which make excellent business partner. Libra Sept. 23- Oct. 22 and Aquarius Jan. 20- Feb. 18 – These two signs are inevitably attracted to one another. They’re both very social so Libra and Aquarius find their common ground. Aquarius being more revolutionary and Libra is diplomatic. Both have the desire to develop intellectually and this way they’ll get to know each other well. The only issue Libra might have with Aquarius is their inability to commit but once Aquarius decides to commit the relationship will last. Virgo Aug. 23- Sept. 22 and Capricorn Dec. 22- Jan. 19 – With Virgos and Capricorns, both signs are Earth rules which forms a solid foundation for a successful relationship. Both admire each other’s intellectual abilities. Capricorns are known to be self-disciplined and hard working which works well with Virgos. Both are sympathetic and polite. Capricorns can teach Virgos to concentrate and focus on achieving their goal while Virgos ability can help Capricorn appreciate and enjoy the hard work they’ve done. Financially, both are very cautious at making financial decisions but it could work out well because both truly know how to handle finance and budget well. Sagittarius Nov. 22- Dec. 21 and Pisces Feb. 19- Mar. 20 – Sagittarius are frank and energetic and Pisces are calm, sensitive and gentle. A relationship with one another is indeed questionable. However, the two could improve their relationship by learning about each other differences and making the combination stronger. Sagittarius’s outgoing nature and openness has the ability to comfort Pisces anytime Pisces is feeling down and assist in easing Pisces confusion. Pisces attend to be clingy and dependent on their partner for compassion and reassurance but since Sagittarius is not sentimental it will not easily emphasize with Pisces. Sagittarius likes to look for partners who enjoy sports and outdoor activities. Pisces likes to dwell on their fantasies and the beautiful outdoors. These two can share memorable moments and build a healthy relationship. Image


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