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The Oscars season is approaching. Many watch for various reasons. Some watch to see what everyone is wearing. Celebrities may be the focus for pop culture fans. Others enjoy cinematography. However, some may not know that some of the previous Oscar nominated movies were adapted from literature. On the Carmel Clay Public Library, located in Southeast Carmel, Indiana, website a few of this year’s book-to-film nominees were listed in an entry entitled, “Academy Awards 2014: Book Adaptations.” The nominees include “The Wolf of Wall Street,” “The Book Thief,” and “Twelve Years a Slave.” What are these films about? What categories are they nominated for? According to, in the entry entitled, “Best Picture/ The Wolf of Wall Street” “The Wolf of Wall Street” is summarized as follows: “In the heady financial world of the 1990s, stockbroker Jordan Belfort enjoys a meteoric rise as one of Wall Street’s power players. Tossing aside ethics and legality, he embraces the excesses of the era and enters into a series of scams that will have far-reaching implications throughout the financial community.” According to the Oscars website, in the section entitled, “ The Nominees – Recognizing the Year’s Best Films,” Dicaprio is nominated for Best Actor in a Leading Role for his role in the film. The site also lists the motion picture as a Best Picture contender. The Academy Awards also details that the film is nominated for Best Actor in a Supportive Role, Directing and Writing—Adapted Screenplay. Another film nominated is “The Book Thief,” which according to the Oscars website is nominated in the category of Music—Original Score. According to Internet Movie Database, located at, in the entry, “The Book Thief”, the story involves Liesel, a female surrounded by the turmoil in Germany during the Second World War who’s “adoptive parents” have allowed “a Jewish refugee” to take sanctuary under the steps in their house. The article, “The Book Thief,” reveals that she seeks happiness from the books she pilfers and then shares these works with other people around her. Additionally, lists the actors in the film, which include Roger Allam, Sophie Nélisse, and Heike Makatsch. The Oscars website lists in the entry for “Twelve Years a Slave,” that the movie is about “Solomon Northup, a free black man living with his wife and children in New York in 1841, is tricked by slave traders into traveling to Washington, D.C., where he is kidnapped and sold into slavery.” As the story continues, according to, Soloman is then relocated and finds himself in Louisiana, as a slave, in which he endures abuse and poverty. However, as established by the Oscars site, he continues to be optimistic about the future and doesn’t lose faith that he will be free once more. Who will win awards this year? Those outcomes may not be known now. However, there are numerous book-to-film adaptations that can take the win this year.



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