Marijuana or alcohol: Which is worse? BOTH

During an interview with CNN this pass January, President Obama was asked, “Will he reconsider the laws on legalizing marijuana?” Though he refused to answer he stated, “I stand by my belief–based, I think, on the scientific evidence that marijuana for causal users, individual users is subject to abuse just like alcohol is and should be treated as a public health problem and challenge. But as I said in the interview, my concern is when you end up having heavy criminal penalties for individual users that have been applied unevenly and in some cases with racial disparity. I think that is a problem. Over the term, what I believe is if we can deal with some of the criminal penalty issues, then we can really tackle what is a problem not only for marijuana but also alcohol, also cigarettes, also harder drugs, and that is try to make sure that our kids don’t get into these habits in the first place. And the incarceration model that we’ve taken, particularly around marijuana, does not seem to have produced the kinds of results that we’ve set.” Through research, it is found that alcohol consists of a substance called ethanol. The chemical, ethanol, could lead someone to consume an unsafe amount of alcoholic beverages. Marijuana, on the othjer hand, contains over 400 chemicals, which are similar to those found in cigarettes. These chemicals ,supposedly, are deadly to the organs inside the body, according to Foundation for a Drug Free World. It is also found that even responsible individuals can become constant and habitual smokers. Dispite this information many my reconsider other facts. How could smoking marijuana cause so much harm? Well, it could just be from being too high. Some people say there are no negative effects of smoking marijuana ,but for those who become victims are being affected especially during the process of staying “drug-free”. Someone who is trying to stay “drug-free” or sober can face symptoms of withdrawal, irritability, sleeplessness, decreased appetite, anxiety and cravings for the drug, which makes it harder to quit according to National Institute on Drug Abuse. Drug and alcohol abuse affect the users mentally, physically and financially. Through an academic perspective, the use of Marijuana is negatively affecting the development of students mind and body. It also hinders producive daily life. It can become difficult to comprehend and retain new information when appraoched with new ideas. When trying to complete assignments, it will take the individual more effort than normal focus and finish. It is not speculated that using Marijuana will ruin the ability to pass a class, but it leads to depleting motivation and the drive to achieve their goals of future careers and aspirations. “Marijuana use can lead to hard drug use and serious consequences”, President Obama tells CNN. Many college students who are Marijuana users ,who also drink alcohol and smoke cigarettes, can get involved in risky situations that can lead them down a negative path that they did not intend to take. So, when deciding whether or not Marijuana is more dangerous than alcohol, it is evident that most people will agree marijuana could not be any more dangerous than alcohol. How can we effectively change their minds and what measures will it take to do so? The answer cannot be found by one person or through one persons opinion. We, as a people, must come together and find a factual conclusion.


Photo Courtesy: Google Images


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