What movies are you hoping to see?


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There’s a variety of old movies we still enjoy and few movies being released we just can’t wait to see. What movie do you want to see? We all like to know a little more about a movie we are going to see. What makes you want to go see the movie anyway? Did you catch the previews or reviews? Do you have any ideas on what hot movies are out? What is it about these movies that make us want to see them?

Are you an huge fan of book series? Author Suzanne Collins tells a dark tale. The “Hunger Games”, 2012 and now the “Hunger Games: Catching Fire”. I can’t believe they would make another set of series like “Twilight” or “Harry Potter” but it is one of the hottest movie to want to go see.

Vince Vaughn hits the scene with an all-new movie, “Delivery Man”, its said to be very comical. Have you seen “Couples Retreat” or “Wedding Crashers” some of his latest movies?

People cant stop talking about this black drama, a movie you would love to see. According to IMdb during the opening weekend “The Best Man Holiday” sold $30, 107,555. It was an ultimate surprise since “Best Man” had been released in 1999. It’s about an author Harper Stewart, played by actor Taye Diggs, who’s book could have been the cause of his life after admitting a scandalous secret that would ruin his friendship with his college friend and football star, Lance Sullivan played by actor Morris Chestnut, who asked Harper to be the best man at his wedding. Lance hoped it would be the best time to reunite with his college friends but unlike the first film, what are we looking to see?

Maybe you could take your little cousins, sons and daughters to see “Frozen”.

“Philomena” another must see is based on a true story. Don’t miss out on the new movies hitting the scene, “ Inside Hewton Davis” with Justin Timberlake, “Her”, “The Grudge Match” and so many more coming in this December.

Since it’s around the holidays some classics may just be the thrill, “This Christmas”, “How The Grinch Stole Christmas”, “A Christmas Story” or every “Home Alone” there is.

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