“Slam” into CCC with your creativity

  Photo Courtesy of Lauren Wymbs Cover art for L’Esprit 2013 created by Lauren Wymbs entitled Madi.

Photo Courtesy of Lauren Wymbs
Cover art for L’Esprit 2013 created by Lauren Wymbs entitled Madi.

Staff Writer

Calling all writers and artists alike:

CCC is currently highlighting two important events that may be the outlet you need to display your talent and fill your portfolio.

The first event is L’Esprit; the annual art and literary magazine of Cumberland County College. It highlights student and community member work as well as staff and faculty artwork and writing. The magazine has been around for about 10 years and was created by the Arts and Humanities Division of CCC for the purpose of showcasing the work of students and the community

The 2013 edition of L’Esprit was very successful with over 75 writing and art submissions, but event organizer Renee Post predicts an even bigger involvement in 2014. “We are gaining a bigger audience of participants,” says Post, “so I think we will see more writing and artwork and we are expecting that more people will attend the May poetry reading.”

All submissions can be given to Renee Post via email lesprit2014@gmail.com. Participants are encouraged to send in poetry and short stories by March 15. It will correspond with the Poetry Reading happening at CCC on May 7.

Students and staff are encouraged to participate, as well as anyone who lives in the Cumberland County area. L’Esprit writers do not necessarily have to attend or work at CCC, but they must follow the same deadlines and writing requirements. Also, contributors should keep in mind the guidelines for entering their work into this publication. Look out for more information on the specifics later on in the year. L’Esprit publishers have a right to cut work if it is too long or reject work if the guidelines are not followed correctly.

L’Esprit gives students, staff and community members the chance to showcase their work and gain feedback from their peers. No scholarships are provided for this, but the publication is distributed around campus and in the community. It is a great portfolio piece and can really strengthen participants’ work.

The second event geared toward creative minds is the first Poetry Slam at Cumberland County College, also headed by Communications Professor Renee Post. This “Slam” came about because many students who wrote for L’Esprit wanted to have a physical venue to showcase their work. “These students had been involved in their high school poetry slams and wanted to create a similar event at CCC,” said Post.

This event is unique to Cumberland County College because mainly the students and Media Club members run it. It is a collaboration of creative and dedicated people. If you would like to volunteer or participate in one or both of these projects (event planning, promotions, recruitment, design, and advertising) contact Renee Post at ext.1470 or lesprit2014@gmail.com.  CCC’s 2014 Poetry Slam needs volunteers, especially since it may be a recurring event at the college. “I would like the Poetry Slam event to be held each spring, during the evening of the L’Esprit event so we have a full day of poetry at CCC,” says Post, “We also hope to include poetry as part of our Media Club activities and become more involved.”

To participate, auditions are planned for late January. Students who are selected to perform at the Poetry Slam in the spring would rehearse from the beginning of March until the event. Final date for the event is May 7 and it will be held in the FPAC Theater of Cumberland County College.

Want to promote your creativity in a positive way and be around people who will both respect and inspire you? Get involved in L’Esprit and the 2014 Poetry Slam at CCC this spring and let your creativity blossom!


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