Hispanic Heritage Day


Staff Writer

Hispanic Heritage Month began in 1968, from September 15 to October 15. It is celebrated every year in the United States. September 15 was chosen because it’s the date that 5 Latin American countries gained their independence from Spain. Each year in September, our president officially proclaims this month as National Hispanic Heritage Month to honor, recognize and celebrate the vital contributions and achievements of Hispanics in America.

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Linda Lleras decided to make this an annual event at CCC. She wanted to begin this tradition at the college for several reasons. CCC presently has around 1,000 students of Hispanic Heritage. It is also an event that is celebrated at most U.S. colleges and universities and students in Spanish classes learn a great deal about the various people who speak Spanish around the world and in this country. It’s a great way to experience the rich Hispanic cultures first-hand.

Hispanic Heritage Celebration was held in the Lobby of the Fine and Performing Arts Building on October 30 from 11:00am to 2pm. Over 200 students, staff and faculty participated.  Students from her Elementary Spanish II class also assisted with the celebration, and students from her other 5 classes contributed various Latin food items.  In addition, members of the Latin American Club, along with their advisor Ms. Luz Ojeda assisted and participated in this event.  They prepared and served numerous Latin dishes.

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Students and staff enjoyed the various dishes representing Mexico, Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic and Colombia.  Ms. Hallie Jenkins, one of Lleras’s students, lead students in several lively Zumba demonstrations.  There were many artifacts and cultural information on the various Latin countries as well as Latin music.  Everyone had a great time!


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