Do you want to apply and register at Cumberland?



Every student knows that applying for college and registering for classes is a hectic, time consuming, and sometimes a difficult process. Fortunately for the individuals that would like to become students at CCC and register for classes, the process is made to be as easy and carefree as possible. 

For students that are interested in attending CCC, the college provides open enrollment. The first step the student will need to take is to fill out an enrollment application for Cumberland County College. The application can be completed online or paper application that can be found in the enrollment office at the college. The only stipulation attached to the paper application is that there is a processing fee that must be paid before the application can be submitted. 

The student must also accompany the application with a copy of their transcripts, high school diploma, SAT scores if they would like the college to take them into consideration, a state issued ID, and social security card and any paperwork stating if they received any scholarships before applying. 

The student should also have completed two more necessary components before becoming a student at the college, the FASFA for Federal Student Aid to see whether or not they are eligible for financial aid from the state and the student must take the placement test. The placement test must be taken by all incoming students whether they came to CCC directly from high school or not. The test can be administered at any point in the year. Individuals who are interested in taking the placement test can visit the testing center on campus between the hours of 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. to take the test. There is an option to make an appointment to take the test in the center as well. 

For an incoming individual who has been out of school for several years or an transfered student who would like to continue their education the process is also almost the same. 

Class registration is also very easy to complete once an individual has been accepted, they can register for their classes on their own on CCC Portal which  is provided for each students use. If, for some reason, the student does not feel comfortable with registering on their own they can always visit the campuses advisement office for aid. In the office there are part time advisors ready to help with any problem or question the student might come across. If the student decides they would like to speak with an advisor that is designated to a specific division, they can make an appointment to see them at any time. 


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