“Spooktacular” ways to celebrate All Hallow’s Eve

Photo courtesy of Google Images

Photo courtesy of Google Images

By: Jessica Lucena

Editor: Jessica Lucena

That time of the year has come where zombies, ghouls and gremlins all come about, roaming the streets of downtown. Why not give our Halloween friends a night to remember with an All Hallows’ Eve bash.

We all have those typical Halloween festivities like trick or treating, bonfires and maybe even apple bobbing, but why not add a party to that agenda. Whether it be costume or just themed Halloween, there are many gory ways you can spook your guests for a night they’ll remember.

Just like vampires have to be invited into your home, so do your guests. Make your “blood-thirsty” visitors aware of your event by creating invitations themed to fit your party. Next comes the fun part, executing your theme.

Throwing a Halloween party leaves hosts with many ways to transform their home into a spooky venue. Adding a black light to emphasize spider webs or fake blood on the table to test appetites adds character to any party. Vampire, ghost, or gremlin themed parties all have different ways a host can utilize to alter there home into a frightening night to remember.

Creating this “spooktacular” event is simple and affordable for any budget with ways to save featured on sites like “allyou.com” and “celebrate.com”.


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