Smokers, “the puff stops here”

By: Kyle Bennett

Editor: Vanessa Dwyer

Across the country, stricter rules and regulations have been implemented regarding smoking and Cumberland  County College is not exception.

Effective July 1, 2013, cigarette smoking can only be done in the designated areas on campus. A campus-wide survey was taken by students, staff, and administrators in order to determine the new smoking standards at CCC. The new change accommodates both smokers and non-smokers on campus. 

New signs were placed around parking lot areas that state, “SMOKE/TOBACCO FREE BEYOND THIS POINT”.

This policy change allows students to smoke, but only in designated areas. The new policy keeps the campus clean and provides a more attractive campus. It also allows non-smokers to walk from classes without inhaling second-hand smoke.

With the change in place, students are able to be outside on campus in a smoke free environment, while students and staff who do smoke, are able to go to the lettered parking lots and still light a cigarette or use tobacco products.

According to Idris Caldwell, former staff writer for CCC’s The Voice, who previously repor

ed on the new smoking policy, states in his spring 2013 article, that fines would be in place for students and staff who are dual offenders and that fines will double with each continuous offense. According to CCC student, Vanessa Dwyer, “I think the thought and threat of a fine has really kept students conscious of the new rule change and there have not been many negative outcomes because of the new policy.”

Some colleges are 100 percent nonsmoke free campuses such as Delaware County Communtiy College in Pennsylvania, where you are able to smoke anywhere throughout the campus disregarding the health of the other students who does not smoke. Its the choices between supporting the new restriction.

The compromise between smoking students and the college have been successful and have been taken seriously. The lettered parking lots have been effective as designated spots for smokers and far enough away on campus so non-smokers are not inhaling, unwanted second-hand smoke.



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