No stress allowed: Enjoy and succeed in college


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          College may not be a choice for most high school graduates because most high school graduates are uninspired and have no aspirations. They are lost and unsure with what in life they would want to do. College students stress many decisions, aspirations, and expenses. 

          According to David on 20Somethings 2013 blog, statistics show the majority of students stress family issues: parents finances, grades, physical health and finding a job. In college, you deal with challenges of being a productive and a responsible student and things for you do begin to change. When you’re undergoing stress you want to know if you are doing the right thing and making the right choices. Again, college is not for everybody and not everyone is truly ready for the responsibilities. You are then expecting you will graduate and find a job straight out of college suitable to your degree. Can you say pretty stressful? Somehow, college expenses can be a dreadful stressor. Everyone’s is  not able to receive financial help. For some students, they pay out of their pockets. Maybe because your parents make too much money or they are financially capable but the pressure every year that some are unfamiliar with like picking classes and expecting financial aid to pay for it. It goes without saying college is stressful.

          Many college students drop out of college because of stress. You are given a massive amount of work and forced to balance work, life, and friends. Most of all, your career choice and the person you desire to become adds stress to your life. 

          What’s the best way for you to manage stress and school?

          I asked several CCC students this question. Keyonna Wiggins, who majors in Social Services, says, “It’s hard to manage homework and taking care of my child, it’s overwhelming sometimes so I find being alone to be a stress reliever. ” Adia Byers, who majors in Health Science, says; “She has to pray. She takes it one day at a time.”

        Most people don’t need excessive stress in their lives. However, there is positive stress, which is helpful when you want to accomplish something. For example, throughout the semester, you are running wild trying to get work finished simply knowing what is actually needed. You are oblivious to the stress it encounters when waiting until the last minute. Your goal is to stay focused and maintain a schedule where you could accomplish all the things you need to. Then there are some of those who respond to stress negatively because it affects them physically, mentally, and emotionally. Stress can affect the way you think and the way you live. You have to create balance in your life or you’ll become overwhelmed with it all. 


Some changes to reduce stress to be under your control:  

1.  You cannot stress about stress- You have to just admit you are stressing and come to a better understanding with how to dealing with stress.


2. Rest – You have to make sure you get the proper rest you need. 


3. Be productive – Find something to do that’s easy going. You could treat yourself to quality time, exercising, anything that helps you to relax.  Isolate yourself, if you may. 


4. Take it easy on yourself – Risk not forgetting that you have work that’s needed to be done. It’s nothing wrong with giving yourself a break from studying and go and have some fun with your friends. 

5.   Be responsible – If you can find balance with life and studying, stress will be best to cope with.

          When you take steps to managing stress it will help you control your life because if stress happens to last for a long period of time, it can affect your health and well-being. Your relationships may work out for the worst and you may find yourself performing badly when it comes to work and school. 


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