Special summer plans? Escape with a good book

By Brittany Kilpatrick

Summer may still be a few months away, but soon enough it will be here. No matter where a person spends their summer there is bound to be some down time. For those who love books, summer is the perfect time to devour a good read. The question is what should a person read this summer? Here are a few books that you may enjoy.

For those who love a good murder mystery The Lying Game may be the choice for you. This series is a mixture of murder, suspense, and thriller all tied together.  For an added twist the point of view is that of a ghost.  The author, of the series, Sara Shepard describes it best when she says that Sutton Mercer lives “A charmed life.” She has everything a person could wish for.  Sutton lives in an affluent neighborhood, and has endless assess to credit cards, and designer clothes. In addition, she has loyal family and friends. What could go wrong?  Well it seems that Sutton lived life licentiously. She liked to push buttons, which is best demonstrated through The Lying Game. The Lying Game is a series of pranks that her and her friends would play on each other and on others.  Apparently, Sutton took one prank too far. Sutton goes missing, but no one notices because, in a twist of fate, Sutton’s twin sister Emma ends up being mistaken as her. She is then thrown into Sutton’s life and discovers that her sister is dead. The problem is that if she tells she may suffer the same fate.  Sutton, in spirit, tags along to her sister and watch as Emma tries to put the pieces together.

Those who enjoy reality television, and all that it has to offer, may find an interest in L.A. Candy and its spinoff The Fame Game.  L.A. Candy is a series about four girls that get chosen to be on reality television. The main character Jane is the-girl-next-door type. Her naivety leads her into a web of deception, and drama. A life that seems so glamorous quickly becomes a nightmare. In The Fame Game the story takes a new perspective filled with new and old characters alike. This time the story’s main character is the troublemaker, Madison Parker, from the original series. Madison is determined to be the star this time around, but things may not go as planned.  In both L.A. Candy and The Fame Game the reality behind reality television is revealed. The final book in The Fame Game series is released on June 11th, 2013. 

Science Fiction enthusiasts may find their match in The Hunger Games. The story takes place in a society that takes over after North America is destroyed. In this society, people are selected in a lottery to be featured in a brutal competition known as The Hunger Games.  In this televised event the competitors complete until, traditionally, one person remains alive. Who will survive The Hunger Games?

Pop culture enthusiasts may enjoy the personal accounts of the popular television producer and personality Andy Cohen featured in his book Most Talkative: Stories from the Front Lines of Pop Culture. His love for television led him to a future of interviewing celebrities, and creating addictive reality television.  From his failures to his successes and everything interesting in between, readers can get glimpse of what makes addictive television. 

No matter what genre a reader enjoys there are many books to meet those interests.  Hopefully a few of these selections will be enjoyable for you. The summer can be an enjoyable time of year, why not make the most of it with a good book? 


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