Gun trafficking control problem a national crisis

By Hezekiyah Luster

Gun control is not just a state problem but is a national problem as well. Gun control appears to have become a problem overnight situation. Innocent by standers and children are constantly being terrorized by those with illegal gun possession. Illegal gun possession is defined as owning a gun that is not registered. Each state has different laws concerning their gun policies. 

According to, “President Obama has indicated a move towards strengthening federal gun control measures, but the reality is that the majority of gun legislation in the U.S. is enacted at the state level. That has brought broad variations across the country, with states taking different approaches to issues ranging from sales, permits, licensing, and self-defense and carry laws.” 

New Jersey made some changes to their gun control laws. reports, “The newest measures of gun laws include banning suspected terrorists from obtaining a permit to purchase a firearm and reducing the maximum rounds of ammunition in a legal magazine from 15 to 10.” 

In New Jersey, firearm owners are required to get a lifetime Firearm Purchaser card for the purchase of rifles, shotguns or handguns. To purchase a handgun, a separate permit is needed from the local police department for each handgun to be purchased and expires after 90 days. also stated, “California has always been a leader on the issue of gun safety.” Each state’s gun laws and procedures are different. 

Some states are stricter on gun possession than others. All states should have an equal desire for the mass gun possession to change. Many people have weapons that are unaccounted for which is a serious problem. So, be careful where you travel to and from now a days. Another source, stated, “ On an average day in the U.S., guns are used to kill more than 80 people, injure almost 300 more, and commit approximately 3,000 crimes. Since John F. Kennedy was assassinated in 1963, more Americans have been shot and killed on our own soil than in all the 20th-century wars combined.” 

Guns are controlling the streets everywhere we turn. So help us control the gun problem by not partaking in it. posted, “Gun shows have been called ‘Tupperware parties for criminals’ because they attract large numbers of prohibited buyers.” A loophole in federal law allows unlicensed or “private” sellers, many of whom work out of gun shows, to lawfully sell or transfer guns without conducting a criminal background check. Gun show dealers have been known to advertise to criminals with signs that read “no background checks required here.” The excessive illegal gun activity needs to dwindle and bring peace to our neighborhoods in turmoil. Stopping the illegal gun activity would cause fewer  mass killings, and would save lives.


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