Go Green: New student gmail accounts


Staff Writer

Cumberland County College constantly updates its processes and technology to improve campus life. Some of CCC’s updates were upgrading from Iris to the Portal, and Going Green. The Going Green initiative started last year.

CCC’s newest venture is Gmail accounts for all students. Every student has been assigned a student Gmail account from the college. As of April 1, 2013 all college news will be sent through the student’s Gmail account. If you have not set up your Gmail than you must do so urgently! 

You can find your Gmail account by logging onto The Portal. Once in The Portal, click on the little Gmail logo located on the iPhone in the left hand corner. The college then provides students with further instructions to set up their account. Your email address is your first name initial and entire last name, followed by “@student.cccnj.edu”. An example of a student email address would look like this: jsmith@student.cccnj.edu. 

For first time users, the password is your 8 digit birth date. An example of a password would be: 011292. Your password is your birth date until you change it. Passwords can be changed in the settings once the email is completely set up. 

The concept behind the college using a student Gmail account is to save paper and give students more responsibility by following instructions to obtain all of their daily college news.  The student Gmail will be filled with college closings, financial aid reports, and club activities. These accounts are also more convenient for teachers to contact their students. 

According to http://www.goinggreenhints.com, five benefits of going green are: “You save the earth, save your health, save money, save the economy, and it feels good.” Going green will help the college save money. In the technological era that we live in, emails come directly to student’s electronic devices. So, emails can come to a student’s iPhone, Android phone, iPad, iPod, or any other electronic device that they have.  Going green will be eco-friendly and pocket friendly for CCC and its students. The Gmail accounts are not only for students, but faculty and staff as well. 

Posters fill the hallways and classrooms of CCC, informing students of the student Gmail; do not ignore them. Even though the date in effective by April 1, CCC is moving with or without you. So if you have not set up your account yet, then you need to move hastily because time is running out. This Going Green Gmail initiative is no joke for CCC so take these notifications seriously. Make your student Gmail account today and receive all of your college news.


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