CCC’s cutting it loose, Footloose, in April

The Cumberland County College drama department will be performing the musical “Footloose” from April 11th through the 14th in the Fine and Performing Arts Center Guaricini Theatre. The musical has thirty-three actors total; this includes students, faculty, alumni, and members of the community. Steven Calakos from NBC’s “You’re The One That I Want” will be playing the lead role of Ren.  Other CCC favorites include Kevin Kolva as Rev. Moore.

Footloose rehearsals began on Feb.4 and rehearsals run three nights a week. During the first week of March, Fridays and Saturdays were added to the rehearsal schedule. Along with a extensive time commitment, there are many challenges that go into producing a musical. For the Cumberland County College drama department, schedule conflicts are the biggest challenge. Also, there is no set to actually practice on until three weeks before opening night, and numerous adjustments are made once costumes are completed and the set is ready. As opening night nears, rehearsals become “run throughs” of the show with spot cleaning. So much work is put into all the acting, dancing and singing as well as all the technical aspects of the show for so long, that finally putting them all together brings excitement for the entire cast and crew.

As the play draws to an end, the drama team gathers in a circle and sings “Happy Trails”. Bradshaw shares, “The satisfaction of a job well done and over too soon. When we close, I feel proud of all the hard work everyone did to make the show happen.”

When asked about the most rewarding part of putting on a musical, Bradshaw said, “Seeing the pride on the actors’ faces when they know they have worked hard and that they are ready for the show to open. When they accomplish what they set out to do, I feel great for them and for myself.”

If anyone is interested in joining the drama department, Bradshaw offers this advice. “This is the most fun you could hope to have in your college career.  If you aren’t afraid of hard work, the possibilities are endless.”  Professor Bradshaw can be contacted at or by call 856-691-8600 x 456.


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