CCC presents “Vital Hues” highlighting faculty

By Staff

Cumberland County College presents Vital Hues from March 15 to April 15, 2013. Vital Hues features the recent work of Jill Sluka, Joan Hain, Ritika Ghandi, and Diane Neglio. Jill Sluka is a Fine Arts adjunct faculty member at CCC.

A broad brush stroke paints the group known as Vital Hues. It is a group of four New Jersey artists that exhibit their work in and around the state. A common bond of sharing their passion for creative expression led the artists to come together and  form Vital Hues. Each of the artists’ unique talents, be it drawing, painting, sculpting, or printmaking, add vibrancy,  freshness and originality to each of their shows.

The closing reception for these artists will take place on April 10 from 2:00-3:30pm at CCC in FPAC.

Sluka creates work on various subject matters. She works on portraits to political issues in her work.  Using mainly acrylic and print mediums. Occasionally she finds it necessary to create images using mixed media work because it may just work best in describing the story she wants to tell. Some of her most recent bodies of work include prints of domestic cats and a series of big wildcat paintings.

The artist visited many zoos for reference material for her wildcat paintings. During which she was inspired by many of the animals at the zoos and their interactions. She plans to create other bodies of works that include many of the animals. The newest editions to this series are Ring Tailed Lemurs.

In Sluka’s paintings you will see that she creates something much more then just idealized representational work of figures and their environments.  The application of paint is something that demands equivalent attention. The paint becomes about the medium being used, as you will also find in her monotypes. The application of paint or ink, layering and positioning of each brushstroke, and the simplification and abstraction of forms to create idealized representational figures in dynamic compositions keeps the viewers attention while viewing her finished creations.

Sluka was born in Jersey City, New Jersey and currently she resides at the Jersey Shore. Jill has been involved in the art community for many years. She attended school at Kendall College of Art & Design in Michigan and William Paterson University of New Jersey where she graduated Magna Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Fine Arts with a concentration in Painting and Printmaking. She graduated with a Masters in Fine Arts in Printmaking/Book Arts from The University of the Arts in Philadelphia during 2003.

Sluka has been teaching both graphic and fine arts at various colleges in New Jersey since that time. Her work has been presented in numerous exhibitions in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Nevada in the United States as well as internationally in Canada, China, United Kingdom, and Ireland. The unique and varied talents of the artist are expressed in her exhibitions that vary from graphic to fine art and from idealism to abstract. She was recognized as an Emerging Artist at just 26 years old by Kearon-Hempenstall Gallery of Hudson County.


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