CCC, Playball!

By Brandon Read

Well CCC, it is that time of year again where it starts to warm up and everyone is talking about the upcoming Major League Baseball season, with Opening Day set for March 31. This warm weather also means that CCC is about to start Dukes Men’s baseball and Women’s softball. 

Both the CCC baseball and softball teams are excited to start their seasons. Their anticipation can be summed up by the amount of practice they have put in since early January. Dukes Softball player Rosemarie Barnes, when asked if she was excited about softball season starting, she responded, “Heck yes!” The things that excites her about softball are, “Just sweating in practice, and just seeing the progression throughout the season of getting better and long road trips with your coaches and teammates just to be annoying, or just to make jokes and make memories. That and diving right after like it’s been raining and just having fun.” 

The CCC Dukes Baseball team, according to, started their season February 23rd. So far the CCC Dukes baseball team is off to a good start. A lot of credit can go to the hard work they put in at practice. According to CCC’s Head Coach, Keith Gorman, “Obviously the main goal is to win a national title. I mean that’s it but we don’t talk about it that much. We talk about the little things that win games, and that’s our main goal every day, to play one pitch at-a-time and more importantly compete one pitch at-a-time. We want to win every pitch.” 

Gorman is excited for the season himself because he believes, “Baseball is great because there is no clock in baseball. You can be up whatever the score is and no one is laying down for you. You got to go out and pitch, if you’re the home team and you go up in the top of the 6th[inning] or the top of the 8th the other teams got a chance.” He also went on to say, “That’s what’s special about this game is that there is a constant competition and it’s the most individual team sport you’ll ever be in.” Coach Gorman’s expectations can be described in three words, “Compete, Toughness, and Composure.” He believes if they can do that, they can be successful. 


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