Behind athletics: Coach Mike Doughtie

By Brandon Read

CCC, do you ever wonder about what goes on behind the scenes of the Athletic Department? Ever wonder who tends to the athletic complexes here like the soccer fields, the baseball fields, or the gym for basketball season? Well, one of the important pieces of this organization is that of Athletics Assistant/Assistant Basketball Coach Mike Doughtie. Recently, Doughtie had sat down for an interview to give the people a better insight of what exactly he does. 

Doughtie aspired to major in sports management when he went to college at Rutgers University-New Brunswick. He has a bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science and Sports Studies, with a Sports Management Option. While at Rutgers, he participated in several organizations that helped him gain experience and steered him in the right direction. Along with those organizations, he completed an internship as the Football Operations intern for the Trenton Steel. The Trenton Steel was a local Indoor Football League team which has recently folded. When asked where his love of sports all started, he responded, “I played three sports [basketball, football, and baseball] most of my life and throughout high school. That’s where my passion started, so it only made sense for me to pursue a major in a field that I knew I could relate to.” 

Doughtie applied for the job here at CCC when he had just graduated from Rutgers. When he read the description of what he would do as part of the job he said he immediately applied. When he came in for the job interview with Athletic Director Bob Amundson, he said that he realized he and Amundson shared similar goals and as a result he knew he was in a good position. As for the Assistant Coaching job, Head Coach Arthur Horn was in search of an assistant to help with the basketball team and Doughtie had a passion for the game of basketball. 

Some of the skills he possesses as the Athletics Assistant are communication/people skills so he can be approachable for all student athletes to better their experience and in order to communicate with other Athletic Directors or assistants as well. Some other skills he needs for his position are basic computer skills in which he does programs for all CCC sporting events. He reverts back to his experiences with the Trenton Steel for the work he accomplishes at CCC. He made himself very flexible with what he did there which helped him with his work ethic when he arrived here at Cumberland.

So what is there that one would not think an Athletics Assistant would do, you might ask? Well, if you are ever passing by the baseball, softball, or soccer fields early in the morning you will see Doughtie painting the foul lines and out-of-bounds lines for the games that take place at these complexes. 

Doughtie’s future goals are to work for a professional sports organization or for a Division 1 University Athletic Department someday. However when asked about his job here he states, “I am grateful for the opportunity that he [Bob Amundson] gave me to prove myself.”



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