Featuring Bookstore Manager: Heather Ball


Staff Writer


Heather Ball is the store manager of our college bookstore, Barnes & Nobles. As the store manager Ball has the responsibility of hiring workers, ordering the books, and keeping the bookstore current with new gadgets. She has been working at the bookstore for 13 years. She started at the bookstore as just an associate, but has worked her way up to the manger position, which she has held for a year now. Ball’s love for her employees and co- workers is one of the main reasons as to why she stays employed here. No matter what problems Ball had, she always knew that she could rely on the people at work to get her through them. 

Ball has big dreams for the future of the bookstore. She hopes for an expansion for the store and a satellite for Clay College. She also wishes to turn the bookstore into more of a community Barnes & Nobles that sells more books. 

Ball is very people friendly and has the warm loving personality of a campus mother figure. On a more personal side, Ball is the mother of two daughters. Her oldest daughter is a 13-year-old academic scholar. She has obtained a scholarship to an all girl school called Padua Academy, which ranked top 50 in the states. Meanwhile, Ball’s youngest daughter is a 12-year-old actress and dancer, who decided that she wants to become an actress as her career choice.

Besides working at the bookstore and being a mother, Ball graduated from Cumberland County College on May 20th 2004 while working diligently here at the bookstore, being a community counselor. She is a woman that works persistently in her community. She is blessed to help counsel girls about being anti-drug and anti-gang at Northern District Fellowship.           

Ball is the backbone of her family, manager of our college bookstore, and a mentor for girls at the Northern District Fellowship. She is continually trying to be an example not only for her daughters, but for other people as well.

Some of Ball’s favorite things include: 

Favorite Movie: Duplex

Favorite Artist: Robert Plant

Favorite Book: A Long Way Gone: Memoirs of a Boy Soldier by Ishmael Beah 

Favorite Video Game: Halo



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