Should NFL Fans in N. J. cheer for the N. Y. Giants?


Staff Writer

New York Giants, or Philadelphia Eagles? That has been subject to a lot of heavy and progressive debate ever since the New York Giants played in the Meadowlands. Giants Stadium has gained a lot of visitors and fans from both New York and New Jersey. What exactly is motivating most of the NFL football fans from south Jersey to stick to rooting for the birds next door? Patricia, a resident from south Jersey, suggested that it was because “The North Jersey people are closer to manhattan, which makes rooting for the Giants understandable. I think, because south Jersey is closer to Philly, it is understandable to go for the Eagles. Location is the answer.” Because of location, the Giants games have been broadcasted to north Jersey and it’s neighbors, one of them being Manhattan, New York. The Eagles games have been broadcasted to Philadelphia and it’s neighbors, serving south Jersey and parts of Delaware.

That leaves the the rest of New York rooting for other local NFL football teams, New York Jets and Buffalo Bills, and another part of Pennsylvania considers the Pittsburgh Steelers as their home team. Most people today probably wouldn’t know that the New York Giants haven’t always played in the Meadowlands. The New York Giants football franchise was established in New York in 1925. They shared the same playing field with baseballs New York Giants for a little while, and they ended up playing at the Yankee Stadium in 1958. The idea of playing at a stadium in New Jersey was announced in 1973 and, three years later (in 1976), the “Giants Stadium” was fully constructed and ready to be played in. Playing in a stadium in New Jersey increased their fan base and it also increased the amount of total amount of revenue that the Giants were able to gain compared to when they played in New York. The Giants have been a successful and growing franchise and they won a total of four Super Bowl championships up to this day. Just like any other team, they are a fun team to watch during the regular season. However, regarding the Eagles fans in both south Jersey and Philadelphia, they are also one of the biggest teams to hate.

The majority of those who consider themselves to be Philadelphia Eagles fans, have a undying hatred toward the other teams in the NFC East. A Giants fan, who prefers to be considered anonymous in this paper, points out his confusion regarding the NFL fans in New Jersey: “New York plays in our home state. It doesn’t make sense for any of our fans to root for the Eagles, and it also doesn’t make sense to hate the teams in our division. I can’t understand why Philly fans hate the Cowboys, Giants and Redskins.” He also noted the idea of the New York Giants actually belonging to New Jersey, becoming the New Jersey Giants, “It wouldn’t make sense for the Giants to become a Jersey team, considering that the market value is much stronger in New York compared to here.” Concerning the NFL creating new teams within the next two to five years, even if New Jersey had its own newly established team, it would probably be close to impossible for loyal Giants and Eagles fans in New Jersey to change their loyalties to a new home team.



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