Rise to the Surface: Microsoft’s new tablet worth your while

surface2By DAMON LEAKE

Staff Writer

In todays college society, students and technology go hand- in-hand. From SmartPhones to iPads, to Laptops, everything is at the students finger tips. With students going back and forth to class, one could notice that the gear and it’s contents being carried can be a bit much.  Some may even see students with plugs hanging out of his or her bags or plugs in their ears with a stack of books to top it off.

Unfortunately, the heavy load of books and supplies may eventually put a detrimental strain on their backs. What is the best way to lighten the load and the stress off the back though everyday college life?

The answer is to optimize the load and let technology assist you as a tool. For instance, many students carry laptops or iPads because it makes it more convenient to fit into a book bag, it’s light in weight, and let’s face it, not everyone has time to go to the computer labs located on campus.

But lately, more students wanting easier access to their computers, tablets seem to be the new direction. Although the tablets are light weight and easier to carry around, the tablets in some ways are limited. What is needed is a tablet that has the power of a laptop, USB port accessibility of a desktop, and a keyboard that is light in weight that’s easy to fit in your book bag.

Before writing this article, research was done to find out what device could handle the workload of a college student and still remain light in weight. After investigating the tablets, a conclusion was reached and the tablet that can be productive on campus is the new Windows “Surface.” Windows Surface is a new tablet designed by Microsoft that takes the power of a laptop and desktop and fuses them into a portable machine.

For example, most tablets have close to a nine inch screen, all in HD format, built in cameras, virtual keyboards, (mostly everyone uses a portable keyboard) and a separate stand (which is sold separately). The first thing that’s noticeable about the Surface tablet is that the keyboard lays flat across the screen making it easier for transport and one less thing to carry. Surface screens are also bigger than most typical tablets with its screen size at 10.6” widescreen HD display.

In addition to the display, Surface also comes with two 720p HD cameras which are located on the front and back of the tablet, two microphones, dual speakers, a USB port to add a flash drive, Micro SD slot to add extra memory which most tablets can’t do.

The one thing that makes the Windows Surface tablet universal, is that Surface can run Microsoft Office which makes it easier for a student to write essays or term papers.

Although the Apple iPads are great devices, the one request that is heard constantly from students is that the iPad couldn’t run Windows Office without having to convert the text and then reprint it.

With the new Windows Surface and all its features, this tablet would be the best option for students. It’s light in weight, a space saver, and runs Windows Office which makes this tablet a more universal device than all other tablets.


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