On-campus versus online courses

By Brittany Kilpatrick

Every semester as college students schedule their classes, they have many important decisions to make. Often the decisions a student makes in this process impact how their education progresses. One frequent decision they have to make is whether to take a course online or on campus. Many aspects should be considered when deciding whether to take a course online or on campus. These decisions depend on the student: their abilities, responsibilities, schedules, the way that is most effective for them to learn, what options are available, and the course material.

The first questions CCC students ask are: “What is it like taking an online class? How is it different from taking a course on campus?” Jacqueline Giannakaris said, “It is pretty much like any other course.” She went on to explain that what the online course contains depends on the teacher and “how they want to handle things.” She likes online courses because “Everything you need to do is right in front of you.”

When facing the same question, Marlo Rada felt that you have to expect to be independent and responsible. She emphasized that you still have to schedule it into your life, even if there isn’t specified class time. In her opinion, online courses require a self-instruction type of method, whereas, on campus you are provided more instruction.

Damon Leake, a Communications student, feels that online courses are appropriate for the times when your schedule is already full. He stressed that there is a certain amount of discipline that you have to maintain while taking an online course, “If not you can get lost very fast.” Eric Marin  feels that courses on campus provide the ability to be able to feed “off of everyone’s opinions and ideas”.

On the matter of convenience, opinions varied. Dani Leach felt that online courses are more convenient, however, she does not take online courses because her fear of procrastination. Devan Paleschic expressed that convenience varied based on an individual’s schedule. Brandon Read felt that courses on campus were more convenient because technology often has malfunctions that are detrimental to your success.

When a CCC student has to make this choice, it is wise that they choose what they think is best and most convenient for them. While making this decision, consider the many factors and what meets your needs and abilities.


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