Find the (benefits of having a) blogger in you


Staff Writer

Every day, bloggers across the world post blog entries. No matter what purpose a person has for having one, whether it is to inform, entertain or discuss a topic, many bloggers feel that having a blog is extremely beneficial in numerous ways.  Deanne Castro, a blogger located in Canada, summarized why she feels blogging is beneficial: “I think a few benefits would be: it is great for networking, sharing your interests, and personal style.” Because of these benefits, among many others, bloggers continue to spread their thoughts, ideas, and views with the world.

                 One benefit of having a blog is the ability a person now has to meet and network with people from all around the globe. The people they encounter while blogging fascinate many bloggers. To think that someone viewing your blog is from another country surprises some. Liesl, a female blogger from South Africa, expressed her surprise about who viewed her blog. “I love blogging as a hobby. At first, I just wanted a space where I can post pictures and make lists to my heart’s content (my favorite past time), but I never knew how many interesting people I’d meet from all over the world and how much joy it would bring me when one of my posts gets thousands of views.”

           Additionally, Rachel Trampel, a blogger located in Minnesota, also felt that meeting new people was a great benefit of a having a blog. “Honestly, the best benefit is connecting with people all over the United States and around the world who are similar to you, share the same passions, and you get to interact with them on a daily basis.”

By meeting and networking with the people you meet, you can also establish important connections for your career pursuits. “…(As I) gained followers I also gained advertisers and companies that wanted to collaborate with me…my blog is a way for me to network and make connections,” noted Kristin Albrecht.

             Another benefit of having a blog is that a person can advance in and build their career. In any career, employers want their employees or potential employees to be up-to-date in technology, and often, they view the work that their employees have done online. Blogs provide employers with a sense of the abilities their employees or prospective employees have, how they feel, and what they know about the world around them. When asked about why he felt a blog was beneficial, Keith DuBarry, a student at Rowan University, replied “Well, a blog is definitely beneficial to any writer because nowadays, a lot of careers, especially in the field of writing, essentially want you to be avid with an online presence.” 

         Adrienne Scott-Trask, a fashion blogger, also felt that having a blog was beneficial in her career. “ I somewhat see it as my style resume…a little more fun than a regular resume and sometimes (it)will put me over the top as a candidate for whatever position I may be applying for!”

         Along with benefiting a person’s career, a blog can also simultaneously be beneficial for a person to express their creativity, and have fun with it. “It helps me feel creative and it’s fun…It’s a nice break from my day job,” noted, blogger Rosalyn Kirkman.

          Trampel began blogging because of this reason: “I wanted to be able to express myself more creatively.”

  Bloggers have numerous reasons why they like to blog. A blog can serve as a digital diary, a memoir, and a collection of works and ideas, in addition to a number of things.  Eider Urkijo summarized blogging in a sentimental way. “It’s a way to share with the world your thoughts, (and) dreams.” No matter what a person’s motivations are for posting blogs, it seems that many people see it as a beneficial form of expression filled with many opportunities.


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