Earn “As” in college? There’s an app for that


Staff Writer

With the many technological advances occurring every day, we have an array of options when performing required tasks. With the many options now available for our utilization, why not use technology in a way that would benefit your education? The iPad offer applications that can assist with the daily responsibilities of a college student. Many applications that would help you with education are out there and you may be unaware of them. Here are a few that may make the tasks a student performs everyday a little easier.

One application that will help you organize is the One Note app by Microsoft allows you to make checklists and take notes. This app is useful as a planner of sorts and you can check off what you accomplish. This application allows you to email yourself the notes.

Another useful app for note taking is the Catch app, which allows you to have your notes to be available to many of your electronic devices. The notes you make on the Catch app are private to maintain your security and privacy. You can also upload pictures onto this app and you can also record a note for yourself using a voice note recorder.

  CloudOn is an app, when used with the Box, Google Drive, or Dropbox app, that allows you to use Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, and Microsoft Powerpoint on your iPad to create, edit, and share documents. With this app, you can work on your papers and documents for school without carrying around a laptop. The files you create, edit, and share can be accessed later on a computer so that you can print these files. The account you establish with Box, Google Drive, or Dropbox can be accessed online, which is what allows you to be able to print your files. Think of CloudOn as the program and the others as the hard drive to save the information.

For anyone who learns more easily with visuals, there is an app for you. Inkflow: Think Visually is an app that allows you to draw your own notes, and diagrams that will help you study in the visual way that you may need to increase the effectiveness of your studying.  You draw, write, and doodle important notes in different colors to be able to differentiate what you are studying as well. If you need a picture to demonstrate a concept, you can now create it and include it in with the worded notes you take. This app also allows you to be able to take a snapshot of the notes you make and/or also email them.

A dictionary, a college staple, is now available in an app form so that definitions are now at your fingertips. Merriam Webster app is just one of many dictionary apps there is available for your electronic devices.

Finally, there is the Video Calculus app that provides you with lessons, in the form of videos, on various topics in calculus. You can bookmark information and also take notes to enhance your review of calculus.

With these apps available, you now have several ways you can take notes, the ability to create and edit Microsoft documents, as well as the tools you need to review important subjects such as Calculus, English, Physics, or Biology.

All of these apps are free and available on numerous devices, in addition to the iPad. The options you have are now endless and can ultimately help you be successful throughout your college career.


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