Communications Upgrade


Staff Writer

Have you ever heard that old saying that with the proper tools you can get the job done? With any job or career without the proper tools nothing can get accomplished. In the digital world that we live in today, any analog device such as VHS tapes, old CRT TV’s, and camcorders with tapes all have to be upgraded and converted to be compatible with the new technology of our age. 

At CCC, we have a wonderful communication department with great professors ready to assist any student enrolled into our new media program. Sadly to say, the students enrolled in our program will find it difficult to complete their projects due to the fact that our studio is in need of an upgrade.

Last semester, the students and myself had a project to complete by a deadline set by our professor. The projects consist of two PSA’s (one 30 seconds and the other 60 seconds) and a music video at the end of the semester. As many of us were excited about our projects, one could quickly notice that the camcorders that were given to us were a bit outdated. Since this was all we had the class pressed on to get our projects done. When the time came to covert our projects from tape to computer, this proved to be a challenge. Either the conversion took too long to upload or the computer would accept the camcorder due to password issues. This made it hard to complete any of our projects on time and our professor as nice enough to push our due dates back. 

Our camcorders outdated but it would seem that our studio is in need of an overhaul as well. I have heard the term “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it” but keeping things around since 1985 is a bit pushing it. Our studio here on campus is very small and it’s filled with outdated equipment. With old equipment such as CRT TV’s, camcorders, giant monitors, bulky mixing boards, can all be donated and replaced with fictional modern equipment. What’s a studio without a recording booth, microphones, professional digital TV cameras and to top it off a HD TV camera so that our campus can broadcast CCC shows or PSA’s and make it look more professional. Better speakers so that whoever is broadcast the sound is nice and even. Replace the monitors with flat screen TV’s so that the editing can be seen and have an HD image. We need great quality to come from a great communication department. We need the right tools to get everything done! 

The programs that the college provides are all wonderful institutions, from our Education courses all the way to our Liberal Arts department. If each of these departments provides all the tools needed to succeed then please provide the tools that are greatly needed in our CCC TV studio.


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