CCC’s rising star Natalie Bermudez

By Brandon Read

CCC student Natalie Bermudez is not only studious in her studies, but also someone who has a great voice when it comes to singing and performing. She has big dreams and expectations for herself as well. She dreamed of being a performer since she was a little girl, she says, but really began taking her singing, songwriting, and performing very seriously in her junior year of high school.

Some of the music and artists that inspire her most are some artists that are not very well known that are either on the networking site YouTube or local sensations themselves. She enjoys artists that have songs that have meaning behind their songs. Some of her other influences are artists Christina Aguilera, Melissa Polinar, Britt Nicole, just to name a few. Another one of her favorite things to do is acting which she said she would also enjoy doing while pursuing her music career.

During the 2012 spring semester at Cumberland County College, Bermudez took part in the talent show, which was held in the Fine and Performing Arts Center, and performed a cover of the song “Keep Your Head Up” by Andy Grammar. Bermudez began to share her experience of having the opportunity of opening a show for Andy Grammar in February, at the World Café live in Philadelphia, Pa. Bermudez shared, “I was very excited to open up for Grammar.” She said she picked that song for the talent show because, “it was a great inspiration, with great writing and Grammar is a great person as well.”

Besides the talent show and opening up for Andy Grammar, Bermudez has also been sharing her music by performing at ‘open mic’ events and shows throughout the South Jersey area. A few shows she has recently done were at Coffee Works in Voorhees, NJ, one at Red Dwarf Studios in Sewell, NJ.  Recently, she had her very first show in New York City last September for the NY New Music Festival. Bermudez also said she’s done some shows in the Vineland area. Some of the upcoming shows she will be performing are the last Fridays of each month at the Cumberland Mall Starbucks and at Viet Bistro on November 24.

When asked what her advice is to aspiring artists, she simply said, “I would definitely always say ‘Stay true to yourself,’ and always keep in the back of your mind that the best things in life are the hardest to get to. So, nothing worth having is going to come at the snap of a finger.” She also went on to say, “Keep writing! Always, always, always keep writing, and know that there is room for improvement no matter what.”

When she finishes at CCC, Bermudez is looking into attending the University of the Arts in Philadelphia for Vocal Performance and Music Business. She wants to become a better singer/songwriter, she wants to concentrate on her voice, guitar, piano, as well as understand the business side of music. She says, “As an artist, I feel like it is important to know the business side of music as well, so I don’t get stuck in any contracts that I don’t want to be in, and be just as business savvy as the people that are in it.” Bermudez is just writing and “gigging” right now, but plans to begin recording a CD very soon.

CCC students who would like to learn more about Natalie Bermudez and hear her work they can ‘like’ her Facebook fan page at, they can follow her on Twitter @nataliekristal, she also has a website, and people can subscribe to her page on YouTube “Natalie Bermudez.” The way things are looking, the future is bright for Natalie Bermudez. All of us at CCC and everyone who knows her wish her the best of luck.Image

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