What Happened to Men’s. . . ?

Staff Writer

Now I know when you first read the headline you probably thought that this would be another rant about men taking care of their responsibilities about being good fathers, stop being dead beats dads, and stop cheating on our wives which are all valid points. However, the area I would like to discuss with the male readers is the responsibility on the way we dress. 

Now before you go on the defensive please note that I’m not talking about the brand that we wear or the over-fitted baseball hats on the top of our heads (if you over 35 years of age take the over-fitted hat off your too old for that) not even the nerd look that seems to be in nowadays. 

I’m talking about that old battle with wearing sagging jeans! Yes, this topic will be talked about again because matters have gotten worse but let me first start explaining where this movement began and why it needs to end.

 As I did my research, the time period this trend started was the late 1970’s to early 1980’s coming from the jail systems in America. First, the reason the inmate’s pants would sag down was because the inmates weren’t allowed to have belts as they could use them as weapons or sadly try to hang themselves to death wanting to get out of jail so badly. Later, sagging jeans was a jailhouse signal that if a man had his pants hanging down and his underwear was exposed, that inmate was available for intercourse. This behavior wasn’t tolerated in the jail system, as did many other things did within the jail culture. 

Unfortunately, young males have now started modeling themselves after this lifestyle trying to prove that they are cool or tough. They adopt this dress code but are ignorant about what this dress style really represents.  Not to mention, how funny it looks when you see one of these guys walking to class and trying to keep their pants up at the same time. 

To get a better insight on this tasteless style of dress, I went on campus and asked a CCC student and a college professor what were their thoughts on this topic. Brandon, a communications major at CCC response was “when going to college everyone is here to better their education. In saying that, we should also be gearing our minds for a better career which means everything should change even the clothes we wear.” 

When asking professor Author Horn about this same topic he responded “First impression is everything in today’s society and when you happen to see men of color with their pants hanging down, exposing their underwear, it sends the wrong signals to the media, society, and are looked at negatively.” 

Bottom line; take pride in yourself when on and off the college grounds. First impressions are lastly impressions; leave a positive image at home, school, or anywhere when you’re in the public eye. 


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