Mox app

Staff Writer

Ever wonder who your classmates will be after you register for a course? The Datatel MOX application, from DubMeNow Inc., provides that and more. The free application is a great way to find out what is going on around your campus and in your classrooms. After the application is downloaded, the steps to register are easy for even the most technologically challenged users. You must be a student, professor, or staff member to create an account. 

Once the application is downloaded and opened, a list of colleges and universities will appear on the screen in alphabetical order. Then scroll down to the institution you attend and click it’s name. From there, almost a dozen options come across the screen. However, all lead to a login page. For a CCC student to login, just type in the MyPortal information given to you by the college. All those options from the home page are now at your disposal. 

The first two options, “Friends” and “My Card”, require you to make a DUB card. This is also free, however it is not necessary to enjoy the other features the MOX app provides. Next to those options are the “Important #’s” feature, which lists every number a student or staff member would need in case of an emergency. It also lists the numbers to different groups or offices within the college, including the bookstore and alumni. Another useful feature is the “Maps” option. Instead of stopping a random person and asking for directions, the application gives a detailed layout of the college’s campus. It includes a bird’s eye view and names of all the campus’ buildings. 

The “News” feature is filled with reminders to students and staff and even public news that may affect you. With the “Events” option, you can find out what days the school is closed and what’s on the college’s website right from your phone. 

The best thing about the MOX app is the “Courses” feature. It allows the user to get an inside look at every class they’re taking. It gives an overview of the course by listing the professor, session, and a detailed description of the class. It also informs the user of any events going on for that particular course and gives a full roster of the class. If a classmate is registered, users can click on a name and find out a little about each person. For instance, where they work and other social networks that a classmate uses. 

The last two features on the home page are “Directory” and “Info”. The “Directory” is just a quick way to get contact information. The “Info” option gives vital information of the college, such as the address and website. 

The MOX app creators did a great job organizing every MOX detail you need to know.


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