Great costumes on a budget

     By Dani Leach

It’s time to get spooky! Or goofy or sexy or elegant, you can be anything or anyone on Halloween. But, costumes can be pricey, so here are a few cool and cheap DIY costume ideas.

The 80’s

Retro is the way to go this year and the 80’s is always a fun decade to replicate with its bursts of fun colors and big, huge hair. The things you need to piece together this style are most likely right there in your closet, and if you don’t have them, they’re not expensive.

You’ll need a few different pieces to create this retro look. The first thing is a brightly colored, oversized shirt. Cut out the neck so the sleeve falls down one shoulder and loosely belt it. Then, put on a denim or ruffled mini skirt. Under the skirt, wear a pair of brightly colored tights or scrunched up leg warmers. A pair of pumps or sneakers will pull your outfit together. Of course, you can’t forget the number one 80’s trend: big hair! Curl and tease it to make it as big as you can, the bigger the better! To finish off your look, chunky earrings and stretchy bracelets are the perfect accessories.

Courtesy of Google images

Black Swan    Ifyou’re feeling more eerie this Halloween, the Black Swan is the perfect costume. The things you’ll need for this look are: ballet flats, a black tutu, a black leotard, skin tone tights, rhinestones, feathers, hot glue, and black, red, and white costume makeup.

To make the tutu, you’ll need a black ribbon and some tulle. These things can be found at your local craft store. Measure the ribbon around your hips, cutting it a little bit longer so that you can tie it around yourself. Cut the tulle into strips and tie the strips around the elastic band using a slipknot to make them stick out like a tutu. Make sure all of the strips are pushed closely together.

To decorate the leotard, take the feathers and hot glue them to the top right side, one by one. Layering them will make them look more like actual bird feathers. Then, hot glue the rhinestones to the upper left side of the leotard and trail them across the top to the right side and put a few over the base of your feathers.

The cosmetics for this costume can be a little tricky, but moving slow is the key to making it look great. There are many tutorials on

Courtesy of Google images

The Old Spice Man

A funny costume idea for the guys is the Old Spice Man from the Old Spice commercials. It’s easy to replicate, all you need are white pants, a belt, a button up shirt, and Old Spice deodorant. If you don’t have Old Spice deodorant, simply take a piece of construction paper, wrap it around a deodorant bottle, and write “Old Spice”.

Put the button up shirt on like a cape, tying the sleeves around your neck so that it doesn’t fall off. No shirt is required for this look because the Old Spice Man doesn’t wear one for most of the commercial. This costume will be a win at any party.

Marty McFly

This “Back to the Future” hero is a great idea for a costume, plus it’s super simple to put together. All you need for this costume are denim jeans, a plaid button up shirt, a denim jacket, and a red, puffy vest. Be sure to button the plaid shirt and tuck it into your jeans and wear the denim jacket under the puffy vest with your sleeves rolled up. Bonus points if you can get a DeLorean with a flux capacitor!

It’s easy to create fun costumes even when you’re on a budget. Just take some time and have fun while creating your costume for Halloween this year.


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