Get Involved & Become Evolved

By Dani Leach

Cumberland County College provides many activities and events to encourage students to get involved.

     Getting involved in college life is very important, especially if you’re planning on transferring to a four-year college. Other colleges look for participation in different clubs or events to see that you’re a well-rounded person. Kellie Slade, Senior Director of Student Life and Athletics says, “Being an active student assists with better time management, study skills and gives you the “edge” over someone else who isn’t involved or hasn’t connected with the college on any level yet.” 

• November 20 – Thanksgiving Adopt-a-Family

     Thanksgiving is all about being grateful for what you have, but some families don’t have much to be grateful for. Here at CCC, we “adopt” those families and  give them a chance to have a great Thanksgiving. Clubs, teams, classes, and other individuals sign up to donate food to fill a 55 gallon tote, enough for a good Thanksgiving meal that will last up to two weeks. The families consist of anywhere from 3-12 people, depending on the size of the group donating food. Every year this has been very successful, feeding over 36 families last year. Baskets are due Monday Nov 19th at 10am in the gymnasim. 

 • December 12 – Celebration of Lights

     Christmas is a time for giving and making others happy. Every year, CCC finds four children from different elementary schools around Cumberland County for students or groups to, again, “adopt” and buy four presents for each of them: one outfit, one coat, and two toys.These gifts are wrapped and put into a bag with the child’s nametag attached to it. On the day of the celebration, members of the drama club dress up as Santa and his elves and present the children with their presents in the banquet room. The room is festively decorated with a Christmas tree and a variety of food set up around the room representing all of the different holidays.

• January 23 & 24 – Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Service Days 

     These two days are all about giving back to your community. Students get a chance to go to different service areas and volunteer for the day. There are about 18 different service areas that students are able to volunteer. Some of these places are: Cohanzick Zoo in Bridgeton, Maurice House in Millville, and Boys and Girls Club in Vineland. On the morning of the first day, the president of the college, Dr. Isekenegbe, has a big breakfast with all of the students that are participating in the service days. He does this so that he can personally thank everyone for volunteering and supporting their neighborhood. This program helps students to step out of their comfort zones and feel more like a part their community.

     Discover more events on Portal, in the student handbook and  on billboards located around the college. Jean Erwin, Secretary for Student Life & Athletics, encourages students to come out for these events, “Participating in these events allows students to discover new interests, meet new people, make new friends, and become part of the college community.” Slade shares that the programs and events that go on are not only to build a relationship with the college, but they also “help foster skills such as decision-making, event coordination and implementation, running effective meetings, volunteering for a cause, and much, much more.” You have to be a student to participate, unless a club running the event says otherwise. When arriving at an event check in at the registration tables with your student ID. All events are free.  It’s so easy to get involved and have a good time, so come out and see what’s going on at CCC!


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