Financial aid: Satisfying your appetite

By Hezekiyah Luster

Financial aid is a program which helps students in need of funding for school. Through financial aid, students can buy their books, pay for their classes, and get a stipend check for the money they didn’t spend. There is one concern that CCC students still have: Why does financial aid not cover lunches?

Lunch is a major concern for students. Some students feel that being hungry in class is a distraction. At times, lunch can be costly, financial aid covering lunch would not only help the students, but would also help teachers. Teachers would be able to capture students’ attention easier and the students would have satisfied stomachs, and would gain more focus. According to Quanesha Harris, a CCC freshman, “Financial aid should cover lunch. It would help students become more financially free and would also allow the café to gain more revenue from students who can’t afford lunch”.

Even if financial aid posed a spending limit, students could spend less per semester, which would be a big help to them. Fellow student Christopher Adair said, “Financial aid should be able to help with lunch in some way. I feel as though, if they can divide money into the bookstore and other areas, then why not expand and divide some money for students in the café? I know they will figure it out and be able to help our stomachs and pockets in some way”.

Financial aid does a wonderful job covering our books, tuition, and stipend checks. CCC students are just hoping for a little bit more. Saydah Nyanankpe says, “I know we are not a Division I college but CCC can still help us. Most people are seriously being affected by this recession. If times weren’t as hard as they are, then I could see us being able to afford our own lunch. I hope Financial Aid helps us”. Many people have been fervently using the word ‘help’. This is a trying time when Financial Aid can come in and be a hero to many people. From experience, some days are harder than others. If we could all work together and help each other, life would come easier, learning would increase, and academic success would rise.


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