Computer Graphics “design”

Staff Writer

Nothing can take away from the fact that the evolution of technology of all sorts, from computers to handheld devices, are making it easier to transfer and read information. The Internet makes it possible for people to be kept up to date with the happenings around their area, as well as the happenings all around the world, virtually free of charge. This very fact presents as one of the biggest challenges for publishing companies, forcing the reduction of all job positions. And, considering the recent economic crisis, whether through week-long furloughs or by eliminating positions entirely, it appears that the publishing companies are doing whatever it takes to keep their businesses alive and running.


Graphic design positions, in this particular case, have been slowly declining for the past few years. Graphics have been an essential addition to support the information being expressed in hard copy publications, like newspapers and magazines, for many years. Photos, charts, and illustrations, for example, help to add flavor to the reading and they are also used to capture the interest of the readers. The visual layout on business cards, flyers and letterheads are also created by graphic artists. Outside of the print realm, other than the use of design on web pages over the Internet, graphic design is also on the television. The business aspect of marketing, more commonly over commercial advertisements, are reinforced with motion graphics that are intended to catch the eye and cause the audience to remember the product(s) being presented.

The importance of graphic design is immense and technology has evolved to the point where just about anybody, no matter how experienced they are in art, can create their own designs using computer software. For years, it’s been possible for people to express themselves by posting their designs online and make it available for anybody, all over the world, to see and even critique. From animated avatars to digital portfolios, people have the option to create their own personalized identities online through design. Schools have also continued to teach it’s students art and design up to this day. All-in-all, there appears to be no limit with the usage of design.


So, with the current economic crisis and evolution of technology, could there still be a possible future with graphic design? Ms. Shapiro, Assistant Professor of Art and Coordinator of Fine Arts & Graphic Design at Cumberland County College, stated that “there will always be a future in graphic design. We will always need information, signs and advertising. It will become more and more digital though in many ways. There are many positions open for graphic designers. In private companies, corporations, schools, hospitals and freelance.” Visual communication will always be necessary and, no matter what, there will always be a place for graphic designers throughout the world.


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