What is a “Real Gift?”


Staff Writer

You know, a long time ago I used to think when buying a gift for a significant other, if it cost a lot of money, then it must mean that the person must be worth a lot for someone to spend a lot of money like that. I see guys today who have great careers and are able to purchase extravagant gifts for their significant others, so they go out and spend thousands, or maybe even tens of thousands or more on that significant other. They think that the higher the price, the more their level of care must be for that other person.

What I realized is that the guy is already going to his job regularly for himself anyway. And with having a good established credit line, one could pretty much make simple manageable payments for a period of time. That sounds pretty simple to me, so where’s the real gift? Where’s the REAL sacrifice to make sure that your significant other is deeply pleased and feels truly appreciated and fulfilled.

Sadly, most girls receiving this simple gift wouldn’t really care because they don’t know any better just as much as the guy doesn’t, so they accept the gift and think it’s the greatest thing in the world. But for the girls, who do know that there is more to life, know that there are deeper meanings to things and notice this deep yearning for something beyond the physical, something more. They know that money doesn’t buy happiness, make up for past mistakes, or define value in a person. Moving the human spirit! Moving a person spiritually is a concept that has escaped not just guys, but most human beings. Houses, cars, clothes, and shoes, etc… all deteriorate and decay in time. But giving the gift of helping another human being spiritually progress by moving them spiritually is ETERNAL.

Just like the saying goes: “you can’t buy me love.” I understand what that means today. It means something as pure as love could never be bought or sold because all of those things to buy or sell the love would come from material things like money, or other forms of physical currency. It’s like trying to purchase something intangible with something tangible. It’s physically impossible and preposterous to fathom.

Human beings are TWO things, PHYSICAL and SPIRITUAL beings. Understanding how to spiritually move another human being is paramount and priceless. Most guys only succeed in pleasing a woman with things from the physical world, just that one single half. Guys have no idea how to do otherwise because both sides have been manipulated by the social engineering Madison Avenue, New York, and Paris false reality makers of the world that’s showed guys nothing on how to actually please woman. Pleasing both halves is vital for complete and total fulfillment. 

Guys making manageable payments for gifts that only cover one half of the women they claim to love so much lack REAL sacrifice and actually deprive their woman’s spirit by bolstering up just the single-physical half while depleting them of their other spiritual half. If you truly love someone, you will move them spiritually as well and that is A REAL GIFT!


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