Top Three 2012 Summer Hair-Do’s for women


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Top three summer  hair-do’s of 2012 revealed

Summer is right around the corner and so is the warm weather. It’s time to put away the heavy winter coats; bring out the flats and lighter clothing. Not only is it time to change your clothing for the season, but also your hair. Time for a summer hair make over!

There are three easy hairstyles that anyone can do, and for any hair type. These can help put you into the spring fever mood. There is the Shoulder-Baring Bun, Half-Up Hot and the Pumped-Up Ponytail, so easy and simple to do for every day where.

hair do 1


The Shoulder-Baring Bun

The Shoulder-Baring Bun is great for showing your shoulders in a tank top to a off the shoulder collar shirt. First take the hair after being air dried and apply a little leave-in conditioner. This helps keep the hair smooth and shinny. Second, pull all the hair back into a low, loose ponytail. Part the ponytail into 2 sections. Take on section and coil it around, wrap it around the ponytail and pin it with a bobby pin. Do

the same for the next section of hair only twisting it the opposite way.  It’s a new take on an old classic style of the traditional bun. You can be ready in the morning and on your way out the door ASAP without a fuss.

“Don’t worry if pieces slip out. The most effortless it seems, the better,” says celeb stylist Lisa-Raqual Banies.

hair do 2
The Half-Up Hot

If you like to keep your hair down the Half-Up Hot is a different approach on just leaving it down. Braid your hair the night before

you do this, after you take a shower in a loose braid. This will give you soft beach waves and a different texture on this look.

Take out the braids and spray in a curling spray to hold the waves all day. Tease the top of your crown for a high lift. Take two sidepieces of hair at the temples and use two bobby pins to pin the hair back. This style brings attention to your face.

hair do 3

The Pump-Up Ponytail

This next hair style is good for the gym to a causal date night. The Pump-Up Ponytail is a standard ponytail

with a messy, tease look. This can be perfect for those from wavy to curly hair. First, begin with teasing the center roots on your scalp. Apply a little hairspray for hold. Then, slick back the sides with putty and tying the hair back in a medium high ponytail. Take your comb and back comb the ponytail, apply a little hair spray all over and you are set.

“The final look is sleek in the front yet crazy in the back, which I totally love,” says Baines. “It’s so confident and flirty.”

Anyone can do these styles. They are can work for pretty much any occasion. These sumer looks will have you not only ready for spring, but will give you a mini makeover easily.


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