Time capsule items revealed by CCC Students


Marcus  J. Wilson

I would leave every story that I wrote in the past, my bible, all the DVDs I’ve made, my MP3 Player, and my camera



Damon Leake

I would leave a Bible, Apple Laptop, Smartphone, Hard Drive filled with Good Music, and pictures of what things looked like at the time.


James O’Hagan

I would leave, The Best of MMA Freaks Radio Broadcast, Compilation of JFK and Martin Luther King Jr. speeches, Blu Ray Player, Planet seeds, and survival guide.


Gabriel Jackso

I would leave Hairspray, Eyeliner, Cigarettes, Mints, and Sunglasses.



Lee Prevard

I would leave my writings, my favorite movies, my favorite CDs, pictures of my family, my favorite book, “Messages from the Masters”.


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