Summer sizzles with new blockbuster movies


1. The Avengers, May 4

This movie is action packed and excellent for all you Marvel Comics fans. The Avengers highlights all your favorite super heroes such as Iron Man, Captain America, and Thor. Together they must join forces to battle an enemy that is trying to destroy their World. The Avengers are the only ones who can stop this enemy. Robert Downy Jr., Samuel L. Jackson, and Scarlett Johansson are just a few of the popular celebrities appearing in this film. 




2. Battleship, May 18 The classic board game known as Battleship comes alive in this feature film. A naval fleet comes into contact with invading aliens and must use their skills to defeat them.  This Sci-Fi adventure will keep you drawn into the big screen as the naval fleet must use their strategies to defeat the aliens.. 

The cast will include singer Rihanna, actor Liam Neeson, and model Brooklyn Decker. 


3. Men in Black III, May 25


Yes, you heard correct, the Men in Black are back and ready for action.  This movie, however, will involve a lot of time traveling to the past as Agent J (Will Smith) goes back in time to save the future and his partner, Agent K (Tommy Lee Jones). Someone has changed history’s course of events in which Agent K is presumed to have been dead for the past 40 years. Agent J must go back in time to find who’s responsible for this in order to save Agent K and the world. The intense part is that Agent J only has 24 hours to do this or he will be stuck in the past forever. 



4. Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, June 22

This film takes an interesting twist into the life of Abraham Lincoln, the 16th president.  Abraham Lincoln plays a double life as president and vampire slayer. He must defend his country from vampires that are planning to take over the United States. The president decides to take matters into his own hands. 


5. The Dark Knight Rises, July 20

This movie is a continuation of the Dark Knight that came out in 2008. Batman, known as the Dark Knight, and Catwoman return for this DC Comics inspired film.  A new terrorist leader named Bane has arrived to Gotham City. The Dark Knight must stop him to protect Gotham City from the forces of this enemy.


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