So you think you got talent




“Do you sing, dance, or have an unexpected talent that everyone needs to know about?” This was an excerpt from a flyer that has been posted in every hallway on CCC campus; prepping students for the big audition days on the 3rd and 5th of April. 

From poetry and guitars to broadway and immaculate dance moves, the week of April 3rd clearly proved CCC does have talent. With all of the stage, lights, and microphones, one may ask why it is important for something like this to happen on CCC ‘s campus?

Think about the amount of students enrolled on campus. Now think about those who only go to class and leave. In the years of obtaining a degree, one has no real substance in  the memory of their college experience.  

Everyone complains that the Cumberland County area is boring and that there is absolutely nothing to do. Many have to travel outside the area; some even outside of the state just to have a good time. With gas prices on the rise and traveling fairs increasing, there has to be something in the area that is drama free and easy on the pockets.

Student Senate proposed the idea of a Talent Show during the fall semester of 2011. They wanted to make an attempt to bring students and faculty together for an opportunity  to view the many talents of students. They figured a talent show would be a way to show what CCC has to offer as well as giving the opportunity to allow students express themselves artistically.  Fast forward to April 3rd 2012, and one will see that was the case.  

Although at the time the show was a month away, the audition period clearly showed the unity between the students and faculty. Auditions were held in the Gym; occupying half of the court. The lights were half dim resembling the atmosphere in the FPAC Theater. The doors were sealed shut; not allowing anyone to enter of leave the premises during an audition.   Student senate wanted the experience to be comfortable for applicants so they could perform at their best ability. The applicants were not only auditioning in front a panel a five judges. They were also in front of three cameras; documenting the event in American Idol-esque fashion. Amber Parrish, student senator, lead the documentation catching applicants as they left the audition area. Parrish stated she wanted to make the experience like American idol. She managed to create a bond between the applicants waiting to audition by starting a groove session. The applicants played their various instruments, sang, rhymed, and danced on the same tune.

Marcus Wilson, a talent show applicant, was pleased with his performance. He sang “There is none like you/ I love you more today.” Which is a melody he sings at Refuge Mission FBH Church during praise and worship service. 

The judging panel consisted of student senators and faculty members. Tionne King,  a student senator judge, stated that she had a great time at the event and the great judging panel made the event interesting. Javan Harris,  a student senator judge, stated that he did not realize CCC had so much talent.  

Renee Post,  a communications professor and talent show judge,  stated, “The audition process was well organized. The students performing were nervous but it was obvious they were excited to share their talents. It was clear that this talent show was a place they could safely showcase their talents and be proud of their work. I hope this event continues each year for CCC students.”

The audition event for CCC’s talent show was an event that flawlessly brought the students and faculty members together and will clearly give the people involved something to remember in their years at CCC.  Cumberland’s Got Talent 2012 is on May 3rd , 2012 at 8pm in the fine and performing arts Center Theater. Admission is free, so come out and support!




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