Relationship Tips


Staff Writer

Relationships?Easy? Tough? Right? Wrong? Yes? No?  

Women are from Venus? Men are from Mars? A peek into what the other “species” thinks.

Stress in relationships is normal, but in some cases it can take a negative toll on the individuals in it. Having an outside, no bias perspective is at times very helpful when coming to a cross roads in a relationship. As a couple you will gain acquaintances, and also really close friends, some of which may actually have more experience with relationships then your partner or yourself.  You can even get advice from your parents. They usually have been through a lot more in there lives and sometimes can bestow pearls of wisdom, that you can use as guidelines to get you through difficult relationship decisions.

Here are a few key points for a healthy relationship: trust is the number one key element in a healthy relationship, make every decision as if that person is standing right beside you, work at it.  If it’s worth it you will put in the effort. Relationships are 50/50 partnerships.  Make him/her crave  to know everything about you, you will disagree and compromise, never settle for less then you deserve, individuality is very important. Everyone needs time to himself or herself. Acknowledge and respect what your partner is saying, even though you may not agree. When it comes to relationships, we all have questions and answers.




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