CCC spring student art show displays talent



The 2012 Spring Student Art Show will begin on April 29 and run until May 23.  The show will take place in the Fine and Performing Arts Building. Opening reception will take place on May 6 at 5pm after the Spring Concert. College President, Dr. Thomas Isekenegbe will present awards in the categories such as best in painting, best in ceramics, and best in drawing.


CCC Spring Student Art Show is a major exhibition that predominantly features graduates in graphic design and art. Each student featured in the show gets their own wall displayed in the Fine and Performing Arts Building with their name on it. 

The purpose of the exhibition is to showcase work the students have created throughout their careers at CCC. Students choose the pieces they feel are their best  work and submit them to Professor Shapiro. Together they decide what pieces to hang. 

The Art Club, which is open to students of all majors, normally hangs the work the weekend before the show begins. 

CCC Spring Student Art Show showcases everything the students have learned in class from academics to colors and combined with the insight and fluency of artistic expression.

Because there is no set theme for the show, the displays may feature a variety of art forms.

When asked about her students Shapiro said “Students in the show are probably some of the most hardworking students [and] take pride in their work. 

Many of the students featured in the show are transferring to four-year art programs.



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