Workout? Yes & Yes


Staff Writer

As summer quickly approaches, people tend to hit the gym and eat healthier to achieve that beach body.  Summer becomes the ultimate motivator to give people the courage to get in shape. Students of Cumberland County College have the privilege to use the college’s fitness center for free.  The fitness center includes several treadmills, two elliptical, and two bicycle machines, weights, stability balls, and many weight machines intended for targeting different body parts.  

Although the college’s gym may not be the largest around, it is conveniently packed with all the basic workout essentials.  But let’s be realistic, not everyone has the time to hit the gym.  There are many fitness sites and alternatives to getting in shape that can be done in the comfort of your home.

People have different sections of their body they want to target. For some it may be their legs, others their arms and so on. One move that is rising in popularity and helps tone up the entire body is called the plank exercise.   Planks are when you get in push up position and hold your body weight for as long as you can. It tones the abs, legs, arms and back. Squats are another move that’s easy to do and tones the butt and thighs. Furthermore, there are free videos on YouTube that make it easy to access fitness videos. 

Tone It Up and Body Rock TV are two YouTube channels that provide viewers with fitness tips and videos. It’s like having your own personal trainer without paying the price! Moreover, there are also fitness DVD’s that can be purchased such as Jillian Michaels complete body workout series. If you’re looking for a really fun workout then Zumba may be your answer. Zumba fitness is a latin-inspired dance workout that burns calories as you move to the rhythm of the music. Coincidentally, the college’s Student Nurse’s Organization held a Zumbathon on Sunday February 19. The Zumbathon’s purpose was to raise funds for the Student Nurse’s Organization and to promote fitness and healthy living

Overall, fitness is one thing that should be present in our daily lives. We’ll not only feel better about our bodies but we’ll also be healthier.  It is never too late to change your lifestyle. Why not start today?


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