Winter Blues? You are not alone

By Candice Rivera

Staff Writer

Winter Blues affects more people than you think.

There is never enough time for everything. The days are too short! Its winter’s way of saying the celebration of the New Year is over.  Leaving you in the mood to not do anything at all. It’s too cold to go outside, and leaving your warm bed for class isn’t appealing. This feeling you are fighting is what you call Seasonal Affective Disorder(SAD). According to, up to 500,000 people in the country could have winter-onset depression, which is the most common form of SAD.

SAD patients “have real difficulty motivating themselves to do ordinary things, even taking care of themselves and those they are responsible for,” Anie Kalayjian, a spokeswoman for the American Psychological Association, told USA Today. When the dreary weather affects your moods, you are suffering from SAD or in layman’s terms, Winter Blues.

So now what do you do about it? Well there are things that can actually do to help boost your less then dead winter self. First place to start, DON’T HIT THE SNOOZE BUTTON. We all do it. Thinking that a few extra minutes can help us with the whole, getting up and moving thing. For all you coffee addicts (like myself) set the coffee maker on a few minutes before you wake up. The smell of coffee can be a motivator for you to get up for that cup of coffee. Once you’re actually awake and are moving, put on all the lights. Getting dressed in the dark can make you sleepier and sluggish.

Finally, out the door

and after a few classes the “Debbie Downer” mood strikes again! You don’t want to do a thing. During the break inbetween classes or lunch time go for a walk, I know it’s cold! But bundle up and get some sun. Soak up some vitamin D. Sometimes, you need to step outside, get some air, and remind yourself who you are and who you want to be. You can also take a vitamin D supplement which has mood-enhancing benefits.

After the day comes to an end you’re thinking, “HOME”.  Home usually inquires munching on food and Facebook at the end of the day. Some days, yes, this is something to do after a long day and just relax. Instead go out with some friends and grab a drink. Hello! Happy hour at Applebee’s or wait until 9:00pm when everything is half priced for their appetizers and drinks. Doing something social instantly makes you feel better. You can’t settle in on your own thoughts and sink deeper into your winter blues.

Pampering yourself ever now and then makes you feel better too. Giving yourself some much-needed me time is a must. Do something you love doing to pause the outside world. Ladies now is the time for those spa days with the girls. Take time for you. Even changing your environment makes a world of difference. At home brighten things up. Paint the walls a bright color. Yellow, orange and red are great colors to accessorize throughout the house. Your mood lightens up once surrounded by them.  Pick one and apply it to your daily routine.

According to Cosmopolitan, to help beat the winter blues, plan a mini outdoor getaway. Don’t spend your days off inside and waste daylight you can enjoy. Go sledding or explore a nearby town and check out the holiday window displays, which are usually great this time of year.

So get to it! Apply many of these tips to your routine. You’ll see how your mood improves and how the winter days don’t drag.


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