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You may be wondering what is DataTel and why is it important to me as a student? In December 2010, Cumberland County College entered into an agreement with Datatel, Inc. for the purchase of Colleague, an Enterprise Resources Planning (ERP) system of software with training and consulting services. The colleges’ Title III Strengthening Institutions grant provides part of the funding for the new system.  

What is the mission of this huge project? The mission is to move the college to a highly integrated and effective information system that supports education, provides accuracy and ease of use, and is consistent with the college’s mission, vision, and strategic plan. 

According to the College website, the purpose of DataTel is to provide technology that supports all students and employees with appropriate databases, information and analytic functions. The Colleague implementation project is the orderly and timely conversion of Cumberland County College’s entire administrative and student information system. 

To the extent possible and as appropriate, processes currently performed inefficiently or manually will be automated, improved and integrated into Colleague. The Colleague implementation executive committee and its various work teams will use this implementation plan and related reference materials provided by DataTel to guide the college through the implementation process. 

The project implementation goals are to improve services to internal and external constituents and to provide students, faculty, and staff with direct access to accurate, reliable, and timely information. This project will investigate and improve key processes affected by the DataTel project. It will help to meet state and federal reporting requirements, as well as enhance decision-making and planning capabilities. 

The core team is working hard to make CCC better for its students today and in the future.  According to the DataTel website. They are partnering with Blackboard to integrate Colleague and the Blackboard learning platform through the intelligent learning platform. 

The planned integration would help to create significant time and cost savings and greater ease for students and professors. Bringing together information from administrative and academic systems makes it easier for them to access data, manage information across campus systems and connect with constituents to improve the overall education experience. 

This is an amazing step for Cumberland County College in providing a better system and atmosphere for not only the staff but also the students.  There are over 70 team members participating, and over 6,250 person hours of training completed.   Meetings are taking place with all departments on campus!  

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